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Metallica Don't Hold Sweden Responsible

An interview with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett was conducted by the Stockholm radio station Bandit Rock 106-3 when the band was in Sweden earlier this month.

"It's always good to be in Sweden," Kirk says in the interview. "I know you guys think that we're traumatized by the whole Cliff Burton thing [on September 27, 1986, METALLICA's bassist Cliff Burton died in a tragic bus acccident in Sweden — Ed.], but that's really not the case. We don't hold Sweden responsible or any of that. But I feel that every time people say, 'Welcome to Sweden,' and I say, 'It's good to be back in Sweden,' and people are like, 'Wait a second. Didn't you have a tragic event happen here?' But, like I said, that could have happened anywhere, and we don't really blame Sweden as a whole for that — it's ridiculous to. . .


What nonsense!

Why should someone blame a whole country for an incident that cost the live of a member of a rock band?

Next thing to know is Sweden paying compensation to Metallica for the death and compensation for all the albums that Burton would play on if he was alive

To what extent would a legendary band like Metallica arrive at the highest level of boredom?

I know that Metallica members are not that talented in doing interviews - compare to their incredible musical talent, but to say rubbish like that is something exceptional

And by the way, I hated their latest album

George Galloway Barred From Entering Canada

Changing in cultural and attitude among countries and adapting other people's habits became something common in these days.

The shoe-throwing incident took place in Iraq has its effect on how Europeans would express their feelings towards those they despise - check Holland and Chinese living in Britain, for example.

Last February, Geert Wilders, was denied entry to the United Kingdom because he was considered a threat to public security. It did not end up there, because now the Danish government is going through some really heated discussion on whether to allow Wilders to be granted entry to that country to participate in June in a conference on the theme of freedom of speech and radicalization.

Anders Samuelson, from the Danish Liberal Alliance Party said in an interview with Politiken newspaper "We don't want to make this conference into some sort of freak show, to which we simply call in those who can create most trouble on the streets, simply to show how brave we are."

Mr Samuelson added that

"I can't see that Wilders can offer anything constructive in relation to the situation we currently have here in Denmark. We don't need to debate whether we support the freedom of speech. We do. And that's it. All of us."

Whether it became something in common related to governmental conduct in dealing with MP's these days or not, but the Canadian government decided to follow the British with such, this time in dealing with the planned visit to Canada by Geroge Galloway, the Irish MP who wanted to attend a forum on War.

Below is an interview with Galloway explaining the reasons for his visit and his argument to the Canadian government decision. One thing I am puzzled about: what the Jewish Defense League Canada director is doing in the middle of all this? Oh yeah, because Galloway should be condemned to bringing cars to Hamas, and he should be humiliated in that interview by bringing someone like the guest in that interview.

The reasons given for the decision to barr George Galloway to enter Canada by the ministry of Immigration, for the information, actually for his support of Hamas, which is considered a terrorist organization in Canada, according to the ministry.

More than one source questioned whether Israeli authorities is taking care guarding the borders of Canada's

The lawyers of Galloway argue that the whole saga has nothing to do with Hamas, rather than a personal dislike from the minister of immigration's part.

British MP George Galloway Barred From Entering Ca

There is some argument about whether the Canadian government did in fact barred the wrong George from entering the country

I have my reservations on the some of what Mr. Galloway motives, namely, his admiration of Saddam Hussain (a scene of that can be viewed in the video above), by making him a hero and a brave leader. Yet, the work he did by entering Gaza after that butchering committed by Israeli army (confirmed by a number of soldiers recently interviewed telling of orders to target Palestinian civilians) is something admirable. Of course, in addition to the fact that he broke an economic and political blockade on the people of Gaza.

Why don't they get it, a policy of imposing sanctions on a group of people nowadays under the slogans of isolating a certain political group will never work, simply because only ordinary people would suffer.

Look at Iraq, Saddam, his sons, the sons of Saddam's followers such as Tariq Azziz and Ramadan were traveling (with visas issued by embassies of other countries) and their wealth reach a level that no one can imagine. While ordinary Iraqi goes to a public market, try to sell his shoes and a sofa to get money so he can buy food for his family.

Look at North Korea, people do not have rice, and their government is preparing to launch a long range missile to install a satellite on orbit!

and the same happened in Gaza...

Sometimes I just have the feeling that this whole sanctions thing nothing but to purge certain group of people from the face of earth: some will die and the rest is just mutants with no health, education or motivation to go further with life

Ridley Scott Scene Inspiration

Book VIII.. Joseph-Francois Michaud .. Illustrated by Gustave Dore

Notes; pages 255 to 258 Outrages by Richard exhibiting another of his nature -- Phillip leaving-- Richard Carrying on as leader .. page 258 being one day hunting in the forest of Saron, overcome by heat or fatique, he alighted from his horse and fell asleep under a tree. All at once he was aroused by the cries of those who accompanied him -- a troop of Saracens was close upon them! He sprang upon his horse, and prepared to defend himself ; but was near sinking beneath the force of numbers, when a knight of his suite, named William Pourcelet, cried out in the Arabic tongue, "I am the king ; spare my life." At these words, this generous warrior was surrounded by the Mussulmans, who made him prisoner and conducted him to Saladin. The King of England, thus was saved by the heroism of a French knight. . . .

More to the story here

However, does the picture above pause any similarities to the scene from the movie, Kingdom of Heaven? (see picture below)
with in a little change made to the purpose of or the event where that spiral movement of the Muslim army is taking place for.

Best of Humanity

No one should ask why didn't I put religious people in the list below
I am not going to
And I don't have an obligation to tell about what I believe
I am not going to
faith is in the heart (very personal)
it is not something that I have to promote or to start marketing
and don't philosophize me with what is right or wrong in this regards

Anyway, this post is about my list of people I consider ... heroes.
In fact it is the list I wanted to make before deciding otherwise

Those people in my eyes participated in a way or another either in delivering a message of a great value to humanity, or helped in pushing humanity into a better and a more prosper level.

Nelson Mandela: He is on the top pf the list (not that I made an order for this one). He is the symbol of humanity. He fought for his people, he met his enemies, sat with them to negotiate and reconciliate, and made the apartheid system apologize for all atrocities they committed. He set the basis for transforming South Africa to a democratic country where no differences among people because of color or ethnic group.

The list of awards he received from different countries and organizations is a proof of how this legend is honored and loved by humanity

One of the reasons I love him because he was one of the strongest critic of George W Bush when the latter invaded Iraq without the consensus of the UN, when he said ""It is a tragedy, what is happening, what Bush is doing. But Bush is now undermining the United Nations."

Stephen Hawkings : Love him for his genius and determination. Some consider him as the second Einstein. He was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (or ALS) in mid 1960'sm but in spite of this fatal disease, he had the determination to finish PhD, build a career that brought him fame, and to have a family like any normal person.

He is the first quadriplegic to float in zero-gravity.

His most famous work are: A Brief History of Time, published on 1 April 1988. The book surprisingly became a best-seller and was followed by The Universe in a Nutshell (2001). He is planing to retire this year.

I loved his cameo appearance on Star Trek, the Next Generation, when played himself as a hologram - episode name "Descent".

Muntadhar Al Zaidi: The only man on earth who had the courage and gut to stand and send a clear message to a president who engulfed the whole world with wars and enriched hostility among different countries in the world.

A young journalist from al Baghdadia satellite TV station who is known for his coverage and reports on the plight of widows, orphans, and children in Iraq after the 2003 War

On March 12, 2009, al Zaidi was sentenced to three years of prison for assaulting a foreign leader. His lawyers indicated they expect to appeal the sentence.

Willem van Oranje: or "Willem the Silent (Willem de Zwijger, in Dutch)". I put him in the list because in the middle of political and religious instability (and oppression) this man called and planted the root of tolerance, and to lay ground for one principle the Netherlands later became known of.

He is the founder of today's Dutch monarch, House of Nassau. He is also known as the leader of the revolt against Spanish occupation that led to the 80 years war and resulted in the formal independence.

He was assassinated on July 10, 1584, because he was considered a traitor to the Catholic church. According to historians, he is the first head of state ever to be killed by the use of a handgun.

Tim Berners-Lee: I truly believe that the internet is the most important invention humanity found. I realize that Robert Kahn & Vinton Cerf have laid the foundation for the Internet in 1970's. They developed TCP/IP, which is the technological achievement, which enabled the transfer of data as we know it now.

However, Berners-Lee, a computer programmer is the one who made the internet the way we know it today: He is responsible for the breakthrough concept of creating the system of Internet addresses that begin with the now-familiar "http://" (which stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol) and the language used to create Web pages, HTML (or HyperText Markup Language).

He is now the director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which oversees the Web's continued development, among other posts.

Moustapha Al Akkad: Ironic but that's reality, Sad but true. This can be said on Moustapha Al Akkad; He is the first man who brought to the west what really Islam is all about (the Message and Omar Al Mukhtar movies). His message was unique and honest, but that did not like some from around the world. He was killed in Jordan's terrorist attack on hotels in July 2005.

If that man was still alive, AND given the opportunity (and resources), media in the Arab and Muslim world would take millions of light years forward step.

He is the one who said repeatedly that the tool to win a war is not by obtaining the latest war technology. This became minor, because the media now IS the weapon that can cause a regime to fall on its knees.

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (1918-2004): he is the man who turned an arid desert to one of the most sophisticated and advanced countries in the world in less than a decade. A leader that many citizens would love to have as their leader. Ask any Arab, from the east to west about Zayed: they will start their say with "god rest his soul, he is the best Arab leader who cared for his people and others living on his land"

With his wisdom, tribes in that country would be still fighting each other, raid on each other, and hate each other. He is the one who brought them all under one united umbrella and explained to them the wealth of that country and how it would be in the future if they remained united.

Leonardo Da Vinci - One of the best and most influential people to humanity. He is an inspiration to many, and layd the ground for humanity to advance further in many aspects of life.

He was a scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect, botanist, musician and writer. What else can humanity benefit of?

Hi word and invenstions are waaaaay ahead of his time - does the story of the bridge design Da Vinci sent to the Ottoman Sultan in 1502 is a living proof?. In addition, Da Vinci inventions varied from conceptualising a helicopter, a tank, concentrating solar power, making a calculator...etc

The number of achievements and work by this legend won't fit here - not even a seperate post would give him credit for his geniuesness.

Ziryab - His influence on the progression of music till today is remarkable. As one source put it regarding his achievements "He is credited with introducing the lute (Al-U'd) to Spain and also with adding a fifth bass string to it. It is said he knew 10,000 songs (more than your Ipod can hold) and he was largely responsible for adding Persian music and poetry to Andalucian culture."

I couldn't find a picture of Ziryab anywhere, that's why the Oud picture was the best to nothing choice.

Salah Uldeen Al Ayyoby, or Saladin, as medieval Europe history books call him. He is to me the symbol that combines massive (sometimes aggressive) power with merciness and jenorousity, with a wisdom and diplomacy can be the pillar that stands on. He is admired by both supporters and enemies alike for his military tactics, his leadership, even for his personality and attitude.

French writer Rene Grousse, said about him: "It is equally true that his generosity, his piety, devoid of fanaticism, that flower of liberality and courtesy which had been the model of our old chroniclers, won him no less popularity in Frankish Syria than in the lands of Islam"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dirty Keyboard

NO ONE would have a lot of compliments on this one.

I was looking through some pictures I took last months when I came across this one.

I never thought that the keyboard is that disgusting until this picture came out.

By the way, that's not blood on "Z" key, this is CD marker pen... thanks to my little princess. The cotton like thingy on the "`" key is nothing but the remains of a sticker of an Arabic letter I used to put before I cleaned up the keyboard some century ago.

One Eye To Morocco

Do I have to say that this album is just a crap sort of music?

Noooooooooo, I won't say that, because it is not fair to say that for two reasons:

First: Ian Gillan is my favorite singer,

Second: I didn't give the album a good listen, yet, to say the least.

So I will skip the review for the moment.

However, don't expect the album to be another Toolbox or Naked Thunder, or even to think to go near any of Gillan's work to Deep Purple.

Well, that's what the album all about, it is not Deep Purple... It is a solo album by Deep Purple's vocalist

So no nagging about that is allowed.

More information on this album is on Gillan's own website.

I know, I know.........this is the fourth in a row post, all about music....

I don't know if I am going to talk today about politics, I don't feel like talking about the doubts about Obama's efforts to safe the US economy, as many of news media sources were blabbering about yesterday, or Sarkozy who has been labled as the master of finding missing opportunities, while his country is sinking into further economic crisis than ever!

However, speaking of something other than music, yesterday night I enjoyed watching Mad Max 2 on Veronica's channel...

It made me remember a couple of Australian friends.

and I had some flashbacks of the past when I watched that movies for the first time on video long way back in Iraq. I remembered when a number when my cousins (I had many) sitting together and discussing with each other silently while the movie was still running - It was clear to me that some of them had watched the movie before, however the longing in their faces contradicting that fact.

Anyway, the experience yesterday of watching such action / thriller movie after all these years is something of a fun; watching the haircut of the blonde girls. The over reaction of the villians in the movies, and the Australian hyper obvious on the actor's faces, not to forget the gloomy face of Mel Gibson, the cool, looking for revenge type of guy, who doesn't want anything to do with either the good or the bad guys... yet he is ready to help and slaughter a number of the bad for the sake of the good.

Chickenfoot on Myspace

I talked before about Chickenfoot, and I found out that the band has posted two songs from their debut album, which will come out next April / May.

From listening to the songs, I can only say that this is no other than another 1980's Van Halen sort of an album, with a Sateriani flavor, of course.

Great songs, can be heard here

Anyway, this is the third post, all about music coming soon in the coming months.

I guess being ill make a person look more into the things he/she loves, compare to normal days and as everyone knows, music in general, and metal / rock specifically is like a passion to me. Because I cannot go out - as if the weather can be of any motivation to do so (I tried to do that yesterday, got a headache and had to go back home), so I have to stick to my plan of just relaxing, taking a lot of medicine, browse through the internet, and put some posts to share with.

If I were a King

Another song I heard today (yes, I am still sick at home) the new single, "If I were a King". I can say that it has the "mindcrime" feel to it.

You know what I am talking about? it is about the latest single by American rock band, Queensryche and their new album "American Soldier", which will be release in a couple of days i.e. 31 March. The album is inspired by a number of interviews conducted by the group singer, Tate, with soldiers who served in American army, from World War II to the invasion of Iraq.

According to singer Geoff Tate about the song "If I were a King", he said that "This is a song about guilt. A soldier who lost his friend in a firefight and spent a lot of time afterwards struggling with his feelings, wishing he could have done more to save his friend. The song is saying if I were king, if I could do anything, I'd have you back in my life again, back by my side. I thought that was a very interesting and inspiring viewpoint."

The video of the song, "If I were a King", is on

Another metal album I look forward to in 2009.

The Devil You Know

No, it is not a religious post, the title of the post is of the new Heaven And Hell album.

I meant the new Black Sabbath album

Well, it is the same band except that there is no Ozzy and they have two names to tell everyone that "with Ozzy we are Sabbath" and "with Dio on vocals we are HnH"

I just heard the single from this album, called "black bible", which tells the story of someone who is reading from what it looks a black magic book. I am not used to a semi-acoustic intro by Iommi (taking into consideration his solo album Fuse, for example , but I love the song, what else can anyone expect from my guitar hero and the master of heavy metal.

The song can be listened from noisecreep website with new promotional photos published of the band taken from

The album will come out on 28 of April
it looks a long time to me, one month to wait for an album, but definitely I am buying this one.

Its good to be in your 60' s and still look real Metal

Friday, March 20, 2009

Stupid Drivers Day

Another day that can be regarded as "Stupid Drivers Day".

Driving in the neighborhood where it is only 50km/h allowed, and get blocked by someone pulled up without any signal into the middle of the street while his turned to the people with him trying to find something in the car to give. That's another 5 minutes lost.

Stopped at a traffic light, a Mercedes Benz, the latest model, in front of me. Lights green and the car in front moves like a turtle to the right, ok? now the traffic rules allow 70km/h maximum speed on that street, but the Mercedes man keep driving between 40 and 50km/h aaaaagh! He even all cars behind me slow down.

Move on, yeah, I arrive at the junction that leads to the highway, but this is Amsterdam ring and I am not allowed more than 80 Km/h maximum. No problem. The signs on that area is very clear (as in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Den Haag)

But why there are some people drive 60/70 KM/h?? and why some drivers in front of me just decided to change lanes without any notice, AND WITH SLOW SPEED????

OK, there comes the end of the 80KM/H rule, which means that I can speed up to 100KM/h... no problem I am already late for work............................................................................. oh oh why that young guy with the cab is driving 70km/h while he is talking to the young woman sit beside him? He blocked the whole traffic at the point of speed rules change

and suddenly a small truck coming from far quick, sign to the right, passing the young man with the cab car and in a fraction of second he slows down while moving from one lane to the other

I move on to the left quickly and speed up to 110km/h... another exit which I have to take to the other street and there was more chaos waiting for me

The whole highway, three huge lanes were only driving 50km/h... why?

A couple of drivers driving 50-70km/h

so when all cars slowly passed those intellgent creatures - one of them is a 50 years old man who was driving but his eyes was focused down on a spot between his legs...either he peed himself or regreted that he put on the pants he is wearing, because it is impossible that the way he was driving would made think that he was worried about something going wrong in his car.

Now that another 20 minutes has lost in this damn situation, I arrived at the exit of the hightway and where I have to drive 50km/h.

What is this?
why all of a sudden all cars driving in such a confusion
and why the ambulance car is just standing there at the side-walk with the driver just watching the passing cars with a calm and comfortable face?
why isn't he moving?
I couldn't find an answer

I drive on and there is that driver (couldn't figure out if it was a man or a woman) with a big Audi or Lamborghini who was driving very slow and when he saw the next traffic light became yellow he just speed up, but for me it was too late to catch up because the traffic light was turning from yellow to red... but I am already late for work... I can't take it anymore and a rational reflex was to speed up if it is red.

Another couple of traffic lights before I finally arrived at work.
The 20-30 minutes time I would normally take, it took me an hour and 5 minutes
What a start of the day

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Worst of Humanity

The original idea of this post was a sort of an inspiration from Sarah’s list of people she loves because of their humanity. However, last minute I decided to change and write instead about the worst people in history, from my point of view.

This is not about stupid political figures (such as Sarah Palin) or dictators (like Idi Ameen) – maybe I will do that on another post, nor it is something to do with Dutch hates Germans and Israelis (mind you, not Jews) or which country or group I don't like, I won't post about that, because I am not a fan of the concept of generalization

Maybe except for political and religious extremists

Speaking of a list of hated people, there is someone who gathered a list of the internet's 10 most hated people, interesting.

I was surprised to see a list by someone who put his opinion of the worst people in history when he included Noam Chomsky, with Bill and Hilary Clinton, Jesse Jackson and Richard Nixon! More over, I didn't know why someone would put Ted Nugent or Tipper Gore (Al Gore's wife) in such a list! What about people we hate because they are filthy?

However, there is a consensus on Hitler being on the top of the list by many, and to a higher extent, many share common loath towards US ex-president, George W Bush. I guess all war mongers would be treated as such because they would bring nothing but devastation and suffering to their own and other countries' citizens as Hitler and Bush did.

Yet, this is my list of the worst people I despise without any order:

Josef Fritzl – A pervert who has no trace of humanity running in his veins

Marc Dutroux - Another pervert like Fritzl who committed crimes of rape and killing of little girls.

Saddam Hussain – for committing genocide against the Iraqi people and other countries, and by turning a rich and beautiful country into dust.

George W Bush – for resuming the job that Saddam started against the Iraqi people, and for self-inflicting current unpopularity of America in the World.

Bin Laden – for killing and causing the suffering of millions worldwide, and for assuming power on planet with the use a sword and a number of criminal minds.

Adolf Hitler – World wide maniac who tried to wipe out human history to impose a new one, including the attempt to purge the world from certain ethnic and religious group.

Geert Wilders – For adopting the same method Hitler used decades ago in Europe

Wafa Sultan - The Arabic version of Geert Wilders

Elissa - for headlining the process of the deteriorating that would lead to the extinction of Arabic music

Ben Afleck - for doing the same thing as Elissa but in movie business

The list would grow

I might add Aleister Crowley to the list

However, that's enough for now.


I can't wait till this come out.

This is like a super star group consists of Joe Sateriani on Guitars, Sammy Hagar on vocals (one of my all time fav vocalists), Michael Anthony on Bass - both are ex-Van Halen, and Chad Smith on Drums (Red Hot Chilli Pepers).

According to news, the group plans to tour together to support the album. In addition, the group is planning to perform songs from each of its members' careers in addition to tracks from the Chickenfoot album, so fans will get to hear songs from Van Halen, the Chili Peppers, Satriani, and Hagar's solo catalog.

The album is due in late April / May. Some facts: according to interview with Sammy Hagar:"We got in the studio and recorded eight demos in two days."

On Many internet sites, there is a talk of an album with master shredding

Pictures are from John Cuniberti

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Intellectual Dishonest

I posted his interview with CNN not long ago and this is a follow up to that. The video below is of analysis on CNN dated back to 26 February, where experts discuss both sides of the issue concerning the U.S. visit of controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

From the discussion the one and only conclusion I can think of, which in turn both ladies shared about Wilders to label him as an intellectual Dishonnest.

Did Fitna backfired on Geert Wilders? I keep ask this question.

I guess it is too late for Wilders to backup, neither for those regarded as moderate Muslims (the sleeping factor in the formula in general) to lend a hand and ask Wilders "lets work together against fundimantilasm". The US now became the focus for both Wilders and the Muslim world, taking into the consideration the timing i.e. new administration, and Obama's inaguration speech where he appealed to the Muslim world to work together on many fronts. The timing for Wilders is no coincidence, and no surprise to many, but the surprise is the reaction to Fitna.

Do I have the feeling that Fitna was recieved with the same "shrug" as Europe received it? This is the reason I keep ask the quesiton is that immature "power point presentation" sort of a film has backfired against Wilders.

On the other hand, I agree with the experts on this video when they put part of the blame of this problem that Wilders is using to his benefit on Muslims everywhere - one of the experts put the responsibilities on the moderate Muslims. Will this would be a tip to Wilders to take the tip? I don't think so because "He believes that there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. His aim is to stop “the Islamic invasion of Holland."

The last quote I put is from a post by Instablog about Wilders, and making reference to a very interesting article on New York Times, titled "Totally Tolerant, Up to a Point":

The writer of the article pinpointing that "If it were not for his hatred of Islam, Geert Wilders would have remained a provincial Dutch parliamentarian of little note, and that he is now world known for his views on Islam." The writer put the contradictory that every teenage can recognise by saying that "Whether Mr. Wilders has deliberately insulted Muslim people is for the judges to decide. But for a man who calls for a ban on the Koran to act as the champion of free speech is a bit rich." He added to that by saying "Since Muslims still constitute a relatively small minority, and most are not extremists, this seems an exaggerated fear, even though the danger of Islamist violence must be taken seriously."

I wouldn't agree more, but would that minority outlaw the Will of the majority of Muslims in Europe?

Ozzy At The Tower 1998

I spend the morning watching Ozzy Osbourne's live concert at the tower theater, Philadelphia, from his 1989 tour.

Its good to see a healthy Ozzy, compare to today's who is either sucked up by either reality show or stupid shows - Thanks Sharon for turning a legend to dead-man-walking.

I loved his energy, his voice, that unique voice. I didn't care that much about his last album "black rain", sorry Joe, but I didn't like the music. Yet, looking at that live performance, the songs from both his solo career (highlight is "shot in the dark" and "I don't know", "Miracle Man", among many other, and of course from his Sabbath days ("Sweet leaf", "Iron Man" and "War Pigs"... yeaaaaaaah). These are just so tight and powerfully played.

It might be another reason to boost such performance to that level (I didn't like "Live and Loud"), maybe because half of Sabbath members are playing? the other person is non but the legendary Geezer Butler (my second favorite bassist of all time).

As on every 1980's heavy metal show, there is the solo by Zakk Wylde (actually more than one, there are some at intros and end of songs too - in addition to the racing contest between him and the public he enjoyed so much to do). There is also drum solo, and oh, Ozzy's children are there, before they got wasted by.... who else! Thanks again S!

I think this is one of the peaks in Osbourne's career, and one of the best performances he has ever done.

That live footage is a must for every metal fan, and I wonder why it never came out on DVD!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Did Hasan Zaitony Fool The MBC?

Yesterday I was watching the 7PM news on MBC news where a special report from the Netherlands was given on how traffic lights in Amsterdam (which was the focus of the report) are equipped with special installation with a small loud speakers that peeps continuously when the light turn to green for pedestrians. This system is meant to help blind and visually impaired people to identify crossing marks and easily walk across to the side of the street. In the report, Hasan Zaitony, the MBC reporter explained that this new technique would be implemented in other EU countries if this experiment would succeed in the Netherlands.

I watched the report till the end, where Zaitony interviewed a visually impaired man, he called him Alex, and most of the filming was done between the end of kalverstraat (the opposite side to Central train station) and Rembrandtplein (one of the main tourist attractions in Amsterdam).

I have been living in Holland for many years, and I can assure the MBC and its reporter that this facility for blind and visual impaired is not new at all – at least it has been installed for more than 10 years in different cities and the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

Is there a lack of reports that MBC is complaining from i.e. lost the sense of news making, that they take one old means of daily life in one country and turn it to a report just to fill the half an hour time given to the news bulletin? Or it that Mr. Zaitony tricked the MBC group (I watched his excellent reporting by him during the Yemen civil war in early 1990s) with such report?

I did not find any other explanation other than that, especially if I want to make a report, I have to look and research its background, something I don't think the MBC did for that report


Whey did the owner of the swimming pool in Zwolle did not allow a woman wearing bodykini? The first time he was interviewed he said that it is matter of money making and seeing a woman wearing this thing will make customers ran out and never come back to that swimming pool. The second time this owner of the swimming pool said that wearing this swimming suit is not hygine enough and for that reason it was banned.

I am not in a position to judge the opinion of that swimming pool owner/manager. I also won't defend or condemn the woman who was wearing that swimming suit, but the question if wearing as such would violating one of the essentials into integrating into Dutch society (where women wear either one piece or two pieces swimming suit)? I am saying this because there are some swimming pools who did not allow women to wear tight shorts to the knees - this happened in The Hague (Den Haag) a couple of years ago.

When talking about this subject it makes some people frustrated and angry, mainly because this is not common within society, and I don't blame anyone for that. But would it be a solution? or the woman who would like to go to a swimming pool with a bodykini must think of another alternative?

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Metal: A Headbanger's Journey

You want to know about Heavy Metal music? history, culture, fans, musicians...etc, then check Metal: A Headbanger's Journey.

This movie can also serve as a good source of information for those listening to Take That and Britney Spears. However, For metal fans, this is a must, Sam Dunn has done a great job. He reminds me of myself when I first started listening to Rock and Heavy Metal, I was around 12 years old when I started to listen to Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Iron Maiden - they are still my most favorite in spite of list of favorite bands kept on growing through the years to include many others like Led Zeppelin, Slayer, Dream Theater, Queensrych and many more.

The success of Metal: A Headbanger's Journey was the motivation, I think for Sam Dunn to make another movie last year called "Global Metal", which is I also watched yesterday. It compasses Heavy Metal around the world, in places where no western person would think this genre of music would exist. Global Metal takes Dunn to South America, Japan, Indonesia, and United Arab Emirates

I would love to make such a trip

Global Metal also similar to Journey's with footage of Heavy Metal legends performing life in front of their loyal fans, in addition to interviews with guitarists and singers.

"Slayer? in a Muslim country!!"


Check out the trailer of Global Metal

CNN Interview With Geert Wilders

Below is the latest interview with Geert Wilders on CNN.

If Wilders does not want to extend hand with moderate Muslims because he doesn't think they exist (read the interview on Jihad Watch), and keep on focusing on religion rather than on certain samples in the community that take religion as tool for there own interest, then I guess Wilders has nothing more to say after some time - like an CD keep playing in loops.

Wilders doesn't want to sit with Muslims and talk, he want to choose his own people to promote his message, a message of hatred and division in a community that thousands of people (does Job Cohen ring a bell?) are putting wonderful effort in the Netherlands to make things better - not that there is war on the streets of Amsterdam between Dutch and Muslims! But I don't believe that stubbornness would help in achieving a result that everyone knows is not logical in today's world. However, it all goes to one factor: Fear, and fear will generate hatred, yet, that does not give the right to attack and carry the same tool to put fear and hatred into certain community living in the same country (in the whole continent on broader sense).

For that reason, there will be news about him in the future, it won't be necessary about his fight against "his version of Islam".

That's why I will keep comparing him to Haifa Wahbi

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

I won't write a review on this movie, what is written is more than enough, and the oscars some is the living proof of considering this movie one of the best ever in cinema's history

I watched it last Monday

Brilliant movie

Don't waste time, go watch it

Voices From The Past

One of the most powerful and beautiful heavy metal songs, ever. Worth to mention, it is very personal to me. Thanks Blaze.

This song is from Bayley's last album "the man who would not die", which by the way I rank on the top of all heavy metal albums that I heard in 2008.

Flight 666

I want to see this ...

To get a taste of what's to come, check screening review of this documentary movie here by Mark Levine.