Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Whey did the owner of the swimming pool in Zwolle did not allow a woman wearing bodykini? The first time he was interviewed he said that it is matter of money making and seeing a woman wearing this thing will make customers ran out and never come back to that swimming pool. The second time this owner of the swimming pool said that wearing this swimming suit is not hygine enough and for that reason it was banned.

I am not in a position to judge the opinion of that swimming pool owner/manager. I also won't defend or condemn the woman who was wearing that swimming suit, but the question if wearing as such would violating one of the essentials into integrating into Dutch society (where women wear either one piece or two pieces swimming suit)? I am saying this because there are some swimming pools who did not allow women to wear tight shorts to the knees - this happened in The Hague (Den Haag) a couple of years ago.

When talking about this subject it makes some people frustrated and angry, mainly because this is not common within society, and I don't blame anyone for that. But would it be a solution? or the woman who would like to go to a swimming pool with a bodykini must think of another alternative?


Anonymous said...

What they're calling Bodykini looks like a tracksuit to me; and if I owned or managed a pool, I'd be darned before I even think of letting someone swim with that thing on-- I mean lets get reasonable here, if I'm going to allow a tracksuit-lookalike within the pool, I might as well allow people to hop in with their full clothes on. Because that would be easier than telling them exactly why -she- is allowed to, while they aren't.


Sure. Don't go to that pool and stay home, or find a pool that has women-only days of the week which isn't hard to find in Europe, especially in countries so infested with Arabs, and wear a real darn bathing suit! One piece, two pieces, who cares?

There is only a certain amount of change an "immigrant" can inflict upon the society in which he/she's chosen to live. If they're going to protest the way the country's natives do things, why don't they just pack and get back to wherever they came from or, perhaps, go to somewhere in the Middle East? Where Bodykinis are "the norm" if not "a must"?

Anonymous said...

Im sorry you feel so strongly regarding this. I would suggest that before writting such scathing remarks you should learn the facts of the swimsuit! The swimsuit is from mycozzie collection, and the fabrication is lycra.... just the same as the regular swimsuit fabric. The picture is in fact a swimsuit I wear and it has changed my life. It now enables me to swim with my children.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous 'darned' twat that seems to know nothing about clothing or swimming. now that your own mother, sister daughter and female relatives have left naught to the imagination when they go to the swimming pool in their colurfull underwear, best for you to have a swallow of your favourite liquour and go drown your sorrows. dont unleash your hatred towards women who dont aspire to be wannabe porn stars and if you wanted the arabs to go back to where they came from they'd happily do that if you can undo the colonial escapades made to the middle east by your own forefathers. if you want to tell a story, start at the beginning. by the way unless you are a sun worshipping pagan who practices incest then you have immigrants to thank...be it the saxons, romans or arabs. as i said - it might be easier for you to go drown your sorrows in a bottle or two.

Anonymous said...

So you're saying that diving skins aren't swimwear?