Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One Eye To Morocco

Do I have to say that this album is just a crap sort of music?

Noooooooooo, I won't say that, because it is not fair to say that for two reasons:

First: Ian Gillan is my favorite singer,

Second: I didn't give the album a good listen, yet, to say the least.

So I will skip the review for the moment.

However, don't expect the album to be another Toolbox or Naked Thunder, or even to think to go near any of Gillan's work to Deep Purple.

Well, that's what the album all about, it is not Deep Purple... It is a solo album by Deep Purple's vocalist

So no nagging about that is allowed.

More information on this album is on Gillan's own website.

I know, I know.........this is the fourth in a row post, all about music....

I don't know if I am going to talk today about politics, I don't feel like talking about the doubts about Obama's efforts to safe the US economy, as many of news media sources were blabbering about yesterday, or Sarkozy who has been labled as the master of finding missing opportunities, while his country is sinking into further economic crisis than ever!

However, speaking of something other than music, yesterday night I enjoyed watching Mad Max 2 on Veronica's channel...

It made me remember a couple of Australian friends.

and I had some flashbacks of the past when I watched that movies for the first time on video long way back in Iraq. I remembered when a number when my cousins (I had many) sitting together and discussing with each other silently while the movie was still running - It was clear to me that some of them had watched the movie before, however the longing in their faces contradicting that fact.

Anyway, the experience yesterday of watching such action / thriller movie after all these years is something of a fun; watching the haircut of the blonde girls. The over reaction of the villians in the movies, and the Australian hyper obvious on the actor's faces, not to forget the gloomy face of Mel Gibson, the cool, looking for revenge type of guy, who doesn't want anything to do with either the good or the bad guys... yet he is ready to help and slaughter a number of the bad for the sake of the good.

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