Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If I were a King

Another song I heard today (yes, I am still sick at home) the new single, "If I were a King". I can say that it has the "mindcrime" feel to it.

You know what I am talking about? it is about the latest single by American rock band, Queensryche and their new album "American Soldier", which will be release in a couple of days i.e. 31 March. The album is inspired by a number of interviews conducted by the group singer, Tate, with soldiers who served in American army, from World War II to the invasion of Iraq.

According to singer Geoff Tate about the song "If I were a King", he said that "This is a song about guilt. A soldier who lost his friend in a firefight and spent a lot of time afterwards struggling with his feelings, wishing he could have done more to save his friend. The song is saying if I were king, if I could do anything, I'd have you back in my life again, back by my side. I thought that was a very interesting and inspiring viewpoint."

The video of the song, "If I were a King", is on

Another metal album I look forward to in 2009.

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