Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chickenfoot on Myspace

I talked before about Chickenfoot, and I found out that the band has posted two songs from their debut album, which will come out next April / May.

From listening to the songs, I can only say that this is no other than another 1980's Van Halen sort of an album, with a Sateriani flavor, of course.

Great songs, can be heard here

Anyway, this is the third post, all about music coming soon in the coming months.

I guess being ill make a person look more into the things he/she loves, compare to normal days and as everyone knows, music in general, and metal / rock specifically is like a passion to me. Because I cannot go out - as if the weather can be of any motivation to do so (I tried to do that yesterday, got a headache and had to go back home), so I have to stick to my plan of just relaxing, taking a lot of medicine, browse through the internet, and put some posts to share with.

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MixMax said...

Just an update on this, the album will come out in June, not April or May :(