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Robert Fisk & Western Leaders

This is one of the shortest articles I have ever read written by Mr. Fisk. Not that he is speechless about Israel's massacre, he wrote other articles about it, but this one particular article aiming at European leaders.

Robert Fisk: Western leaders are too cowardly to help save lives

Has Israel lost it? Can the Gaza War of 2008-09 (1,300 dead) and the Lebanon War of 2006 (1,006 dead) and all the other wars and now Monday's killings mean that the world will no longer accept Israel's rule?

Don't hold your breath.

You only have to read the gutless White House statement -- that the Obama administration was “working to understand the circumstances surrounding the tragedy”. Not a single word of condemnation. And that's it. Nine dead. Just another statistic to add to the Middle East's toll.

But it's not.

In 1948, our politicians -- the Americans and the British -- staged an airlift into Berlin. A starving population (our enemies only three years before) were surrounded by a brutal army, the Russians, who had erected a fence around the city. The Berlin airlift was one of the great moments in the Cold War. Our soldiers and our airmen risked and gave their lives for these starving Germans.

Incredible, isn't it? In those days, our politicians took decisions; our leaders took decisions to save lives. Messrs Attlee and Truman knew that Berlin was important in moral and human as well as political terms.

And on Monday? It was people -- ordinary people, Europeans, Americans, Holocaust survivors -- yes, for heaven's sake, survivors of the Nazis -- who took the decision to go to Gaza because their politicians and their statesmen had failed them.

Where were our politicians on Monday? Well, we had the ridiculous Ban Ki-moon, the White House's pathetic statement, and dear Mr. Blair's expression of “deep regret and shock at the tragic loss of life”. Where was Mr. Cameron? Where was Mr. Clegg?

Back in 1948, they would have ignored the Palestinians, of course. It is, after all, a terrible irony that the Berlin airlift coincided with the destruction of Arab Palestine.

But it is a fact that it is ordinary people, activists, call them what you will, who now take decisions to change events. Our politicians are too spineless, too cowardly, to take decisions to save lives. Why is this? Why didn't we hear courageous words from Messrs Cameron and Clegg?

For it is a fact, is it not, that had Europeans (and yes, the Turks are Europeans, are they not?) been gunned down by any other Middle Eastern army (which the Israeli army is, is it not?) there would have been waves of outrage.

And what does this say about Israel? Isn't Turkey a close ally of Israel? Is this what the Turks can expect? Now Israel's only ally in the Muslim world is saying this is a massacre -- and Israel doesn't seem to care.

But then Israel didn't care when London and Canberra expelled Israeli diplomats after British and Australian passports were forged and then provided to the assassins of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. It didn't care when it announced new Jewish settlements on occupied land in East Jerusalem while Joe Biden, the Vice-President of its erstwhile ally, the United States, was in town. Why should Israel care now?

How did we get to this point? Maybe because we all grew used to seeing the Israelis kill Arabs, maybe the Israelis grew used to killing Arabs. Now they kill Turks. Or Europeans. Something has changed in the Middle East -- and the Israelis (given their extraordinarily stupid political response to the slaughter) don't seem to have grasped what has happened. The world is tired of these outrages. Only the politicians are silent.

(Source: The Independent)


Fisk has pointed out to European and American leaders, indeed, but what about Arab leaders?

I followed the news and all what it came out from the intensive 5 hours meeting in Cairo the day before yesterday was the standard printed out condemnation... and ... a call to "break the siege imposed by Israel on Gaza, by all means".

All news agencies got puzzled by the "by all means" part in the final communique. In addition, news came out that Kuwait was the only country withdrew from the Arab initiative regarding the already dead peace process, but why did other "moderate" Arab countries followed suit?

I guess I blowing in an empty jar

In fact there is no need to add anything to this post.

Mother Prepares Her Son For School

It is amazing how Japanese approach things: with fun and efficiency.

It really makes eyes wide open and jaws drop down while watching them.

Check out the below video

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Phoenix Rising

Phoenix is "A mythical bird that never dies, the phoenix flies far ahead to the front, always scanning the landscape and distant space. It represents our capacity for vision, for collecting sensory information about our environment and the events unfolding within it. The phoenix, with its great beauty, creates intense excitement and deathless inspiration." - The Feng Shui Handbook, feng shui Master Lam Kam Chuen

This is how I describe the return of Branwen to blog sphere, because the old blog was removed. However, Branwen is now back, not with one but but two.

The first blog is about aliens, theory and the argument about their existence on earth for longer than we thought, and their impact on earth civilization.

The second is more human side to it, if I may say, it is about the art of love: And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

I was taking by surprise for the layout, the effort, the beauty and tenderness of beautiful taste put on these blogs.

Check these blogs out, it worth it as it is joyful as well as informative.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dark Ages, But Not Forgotten Civilization

Past glories, we all should be proud of our past glories. I am not only referring to the glories of one's country, but it also can be related to a family honorable achievements, take the Kennedy family, for example, and the line of political figures around the years. It can be the opposite and one would be ashamed of his or her family's doing - does families of former dictators ring a bell?

However, there is a big difference between the word "past" and the word "present", adding to that the word "future". We will never honor the glory of the past if we don't do something similar to that.

No one can challenge the facts and history of what beautifully shown in the above video. No one dare to say that Muslim civilization had golden era where it was a portal for the whole world to learn science, literature, business, and many other related aspects of life.

However, anyone can challenge Arab and Muslim countries today and say: what are you achieving now to honor the glory of your past?

I am sure that there are people today, in our time who thought like me and did something. I can mention with honor people like Mustafa Al Aqad, Farouk El-Baz, Naseer Shamma, among many others?

But is this enough for someone to honor his heritage or the legacy of the country he is coming from?

Or is it that people must work harder, prove to themselves first they are unique then to others?

I think that for many a past golden age can be considered now as something else: living through dark ages, and in the hands of its people this civilization would flourish or let it be roaming in such dark times.

The video is uploaded by kbelk85. - Discover more scientific and hi-tech videos.

Advise Yourself

I was browsing through a blog talking about how the person like us look back to his past and forward a question of what to advice a younger-self when the idea about judging actions of one-self, learning from others, teaching others lessons we learn from the past clicked in my exhausted mind.

All this came to my mind in a fraction of a second.

I don't know why my mind drifted into politics when I had these thoughts, maybe because of all the news about elections: elections in Iraq, elections in the Netherlands, and last week first round of the regional elections in France where all my thoughts circulated around it. The news of these election all agree that right parties in France, including president Sarkozy's one received a big slap in the face from the French citizen.

Life is about questions and answers, and we learn by seeking answers to our questions, and this blog had and will continue to have a lot of questions about life. Sharing with other by writing these questions on my blog is one of the ways to find answers for my questions, and learn from others. There are people who never learn from other people lesson and experience and that's why two people know each other and they advice each other, but each fall in the same mistake over and over again. I guess this is some human nature: we advice each other, but we sometimes never take that advice seriously, and fall in the pit

Back to French elections last Sunday: I have been to France twice in the last two months. I talked to people there and the impression I had that no one is happy with the direction and strategy their government is taking, particularly President Sarkozy. In fact there is a growing resentment towards their leader, some called his strategy indirectly as "the Americanization of France" policy. However, Sarkozy's attempt to pull France nationalism away from its people is not the only reason. People there are not happy with the outcome and situation, and this is the reason that they look for another leadership.

This has been proved, of course, last Sunday and we will see the final result next Sunday.

On the other hand, last week Dutch labor party leader, Wouter Bos, has announced his resignation due to family commitments. Shortly after that there was an announcement that the 63 years old current mayor of Amsterdam, decided to take the helm and became the new leader of the prominent political party. Cohen's move has been widely praised, because he will be the party's representative in upcoming general elections in June.

Job Cohen, I want to emphasize, is known for his strong personality and acknowledged political career, so he is not just "another" politician who is trying his luck by going out and spray words against this ethnic group or gather people in a specific park to announce the birth of a new party while bashing another ethnic group.

Yesterday, a survey took place among Dutch citizens and the result was shocking: if general elections took place on the day of the survey, Job Cohen would be the next Prime Minister so easily, on the account of other political parties, such as that of SP and PVV (I rather call it Wilder's political sect than Free Netherlands party).

Isn't that enough indication that voting for Wilders in the last municipal elections was done out of emotional rather than rational look at things?

I wrote about these elections here)

I talked once or twice about emotional factor, and I talked once or twice about how fear is the main reason behind people rallying behind Wilders in last election until this day, but comparing the results of yesterday's survey with the results of the regional elections in the Netherlands a couple of weeks ago shows how the Dutch citizen is looking for a symbol to have them united. Like any citizen from any population living on this planet, no difference between third world or first world country, every citizen in every country is looking for a leader to look up to. Observing the lack of satisfaction with current leaders the people in the Netherlands began looking somewhere else. This has been taken advantage by people like Geert Wilders (among other things he took advantage of, such as bad attitude of some Moroccan teenagers on street and put that attitude on the shoulders of the whole Muslim community all around the country and in whole Europe.

The result is natural when you are afraid and looking for someone to unite you, in fact to protect you: you choose for him.

Yesterday's survey in the Netherlands, and the result of France's regional elections are good lessons for the voter to prepare for the next elections in June. People with extreme ideology, people with hatred against other people must not be given the chance, because these are not the standards for living together regardless of ethnic background, race, nationality.

How many lessons it takes for a human being to learn and to be able to choose what is right and what is wrong?

Or do we need some Yoga to exercise our brains on how to forecast a disaster that might take place in a peaceful country?

But why forecasting? We have enough lessons from the past: Hitler's extermination machine is still in people minds, when he ripped off society from the concept of living together, peacefully.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Damage!!!

Another damage Geert Wilders will definitely make to his own country, according to Bernard Wientjes, chairman of The Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers, based on the article below.

Well done, Geert, for being fanatic, keep your racist sick-mind the way it is, boy.

Geert Wilders became one of the sources to mess up society in a beautiful small country after gradually poisoned the minds of some of its people.

Check out the news article below:

The head of the Dutch employers' federation has accused far-right politician Geert Wilders of "seriously" damaging Dutch interests abroad.

Bernard Wientjes, who chairs The Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW), said it was outrageous that Mr Wilders recently presented himself in London as the next Dutch prime minister and then derided Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as "a complete fool". Mr Wilders' statement, which was broadcast around the world, caused shock in the British press.

Mr Wientjes, who heads the largest employers' organisation in the Netherlands, says Mr Wilders poses a serious threat to the Netherlands and the Dutch economy. He underlined that three quarters of Dutch GDP comes from revenues earned abroad.

Mr Wientjes stressed that his federation will do business with any Dutch cabinet, including one joined by Mr Wilders' PVV party. But he emphasised that he hoped Mr Wilders party would not be included in the next government following parliamentary elections on 9 June.

© Radio Netherlands Worldwide

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What's Wrong With Your Finger?????

Second day in the week today, I won't be able to count the number of time I have been asked this question from people at work:

"What's wrong with your index finger?" ...

"Is there something happened to you last weekend?"

I have to explain to them over and over again that there were elections in Iraq, to choose the next parliament, and I took part in it, and that every single person must have his index finger dipped a little in purple ink after giving vote.

The remark by most of those heard the story? "aaaah, yes, I saw that in the news"

Sorry, my mistake, I was not planning to let half of my index finger inked, I was in a hurry to vote and leave.

Mistaken Identity

I was standing outside in the cold weather in spite of the beautiful sunny day, smoking a cigarette with two of my colleagues, when a colleague from a former department joined us. Immediately after greetings us he looked at me with concern in his eyes. I thought he was sympathyising with me because of how I look with my heavy jacket and tsal tight around my neck and my deep voice because of the flue. In stead he asked with care "do you have family members affected by that horrible earthquick?" I was puzzeled, not because I knew what he was talking about, he meant the earthquick in Turkey yesterday, but because we knew each other for years, used to work together in the same department!

Some time ago I had to work late, three colleagues were with me. We finished our part of the work and had to wait for another team to resume work, so we had some time off to exchange jokes and talks. One of the colleagues asked me "how is the situation over there now? I mean in your country of origin?" that colleague and I became aqcuainted since we worked together on a one week project more than 4 years ago. That colleague told me on the first day of the project that "I admit it and not ashamed, but I do hate foreigners so much", because of the bad things foreingers do where she lives. After I finished telling news on Iraq I noticed another colleague looking at me with puzzlement, and her green eyes were wide open. I asked her if I said something wrong. With hesitation she said "nnn... no, but... no, nothing is wrong" I insisted and told her to say what's on her mind, she replied "well... I thought you are from another country, and not Iraq". By the way, I knew that colleague for more than a year. I asked her which? she said "I don't know, I thought one of these countries... I mean I thought you are from Afghanistan"

I won't be fooled by the Spanish begger when it happened a couple of years ago. SI was standing next to the entrance of a restraunt when she approached me and started asking questions. When I told her that I don't speak Italian, with a fake smile she told me "I would not notice, you look like any Italian handsome man". Anyway, I will never be fooled by this, however, my features cannot by any means resembles that of Turkish, neither it is any close to be identified as Afghani.

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Iron Maiden & Dream Theater on One Show??!!

Metal heads in the U.S. and Canada are lucky this year because they have the chance to see Iron Maiden and Dream Theater as the two great bands will tour the continent this summer.

I did not have the chance back in 2007 to see both bands on the same event when I attended Fields or Rock festival, because I only went to day 1, which enabled me to see Maiden, Dio's Black Sabbath (sorry.. its called Heaven and Hell now), Slayer, among many other great bands. Day 2 had Dream Theater, Ozzy Osbourne and Motorhead and Megadeath, but as I said I mentioned earlier, I could not stay because I only bought tickets for day 1.

And yes, I do regret that

I have seen Iron Maiden show a number of times since their singer, Bruce Dickinson rejoined the band in 1999. In fact I have see them on their reunion tour back then. I also had the chance to see Dream Theater last October in Rotterdam, Ahoy, but to see both in one show, this is really a dream come true.

Hoepfully both bands would extend their north american tour to include European Festivals, no one knows!

By the way, the title of this tour, Final Frontier, is taken from upcoming Iron Maiden album with the same name, which will hit the market late summer. I think the "Eddie" picture we see here is related to the album artwork... something to do with space or Star Trek type of songs this time????

It makes me wonder if this is the last Iron Maiden album ever to be made, especially that I read couple of years ago Steve Harris hinting about the band making only 15 albums in their music career!!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pethatic Elissa

In October 2008 I wrote about Elissa.

Not on a regular basis, but I noticed something intersting on my blog. A lot of people, and I mean it, a lot and a lot of people visit my blog for the purpose to read the above post on Elissa. They are either rerouted from Google or some other links on other websites.

If you are a fan of Elissa or like, someone who despise her music and her voice in particular, I would love to read a comment and exchange ideas. I am still wondering why would someone who look for specific article or topic and have the chance to comment, just read and never leave a single word or a sentence.

Unless I was harsh on the girl

But I can't see otherwise... Elissa is one of the screwed up female singers in the Arab world, period, because she can't sing.

I listened to the latest album and while I was in France I also heard the single Orient radio station kept on broadcasting almost on daily basiss, which in my opinion is an attempt by her to relive the glory she had when she put out her first ever single a couple of years ago.

Anyway, neither the album, nor this singer worth to take the time to write a preview on a single song from that album.

The verdict? isn't that obvious? she must not sing, she should simply quit, because it is worse than feeling pethatic for Elissa

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Municipal Elections in the Netherlands

gemeenteraadsverkiezingen As expected by many, the three major parties the Christian Democrats (CDA) and the Labor Party (PvdA) and VVD remained in their position as the favorites among Dutch, yet, the loss of votes is a source of concern for them. Voters decided today to give their voters to other competing political parties, such as the PVV (Geert Wilders), which became the second largest party in the capital, the Hague, and the Groen Links (Green Party) where it became the largest party in Utrecht, in addition to small local parties in different cities in the Netherlands.

I don't know what is the secret but D66 did great and scored big time in many cities like Amsterdam, Leiden and Delft - the bond between this party with students is strong, I guess that is the reason.

The boost that the PVV (party of Geert Wilders), in particular, got from this elections is the center of focus, naturally because of its controversial personality of its leader and his hostile (and on many occasions reckless remarks). It is no surprise to me (this has been predicted in various news forecasts in the past weeks) that Den Haag (the Hague) and the city of Almere would be the golden chicken.

The Labor party, a party favorable by thousands of immigrants, is back based on tonight's result and according to the speech of its leader, Wouter Bos, but the challenge for the Labor party is immense, because from now on till the date of the general elections in June the Netherlands will witness a fierce that would change the face of the country's political system. The same goes with other major parties, of course, the neck to neck competition between left and right has been going for more than 4 years, many new faces and new political parties and entities want to prove themselves as the best for the country, in fact, a lot from those politicians learned big lessons from the past years and they don't want to disappoint the voter in 3 months time. For that reason there will be a lot to talk about, a lot to be heard and a lot to do by each party.

The emphasize, I think, will always be on Den Haag, this is where politician reside and where they should do the most work. Evidence is today’s results which is the most surprising.  

I see that in their debates, all major parties, exception is PVV, sit with each other, congratulate each other, and discuss everything; from the future of the country (who is ready to put differences aside and discuss coalitions), share responsibility (as one collective force to lift the country through the current economic crisis), and admit failure on some aspects (the fall of the government last week). Remember, this country made the impossible by having a government that consists of both right and left in one coalition.

Speaking of the fall of the government, it is natural, because it is almost impossible to have unity of two entirely separate ideologies and have them sail one ship towards the high seas, especially when the country is sinking in all problems plagued by global economic crisis.

The conclusion from all this is loud and clear: 4 years went by and still one thing dominates common Dutch citizen mind: emotions. It sounds awkward, taking into the consideration how Dutch mentality is known as being rational and not emotional, but it doesn't seem the case when it comes to vote for political entities.

There are emotions expressed by the immigrants from being harassed by extreme right parties, this is one of the reason they vote for the labor party. On the other hand, we see the popularity of Wilder's party take a boost up due to the fear of many Dutch from losing their own identity in addition to the fear from what they consider Islamic threat. In the middle of that, we see people who focus on detailed issues related to daily life and the requirement from the government to provide better support and services for the common citizen.

Will the picture becomes clearer in June when the general elections would take place? In other words, will the voter will go and make up his mind to select either right or left? this remains to be seen.

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Taking Over Traffic System

Fake or not, that's cool

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am thinking to go to London next month for a long weekend. It might be the reason I decided to post this.

Sit back and enjoy day and night images of London on the below video.

London Day from urbanTick on Vimeo.

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ABBA Experience

Many knows ABBA as being one of the bands who shaped out pop music in history, and their musical influence still to this day noticed i.e. many recent movies had one or two songs from

Music fans taking in London attractions can experience the magic of Swedish super group Abba at a new exhibition.

AbbaWorld is a new exhibition at Earls Court, London was opened end of last month, 27 of January. It offers visitors the chance to get interactive with the group's legacy through more than 25 different rooms, from an illustration of their legendary music, to stage costumes and memorabilia, and a look at the instruments and personal belongings from band members Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn and Frida.

The exhibition runs until March 28th, 2010, and more information can be found on the official website of the exhibition.

This is a must for any ABBA fan, actually for any good music fan

Who did say that I only do headbanging on heavy metal music (as someone who used to visit by blog once put it)?

I like ABBA, and this exhibition is some place I would like to see.

Guide To Arabic Satellite TV Channels

Below is a guide to all Arabic satellite TV channels with links to their websites.

Most of these channels can be seen on Nilesat and Arabsat satellite, this means that people in Europe using Hotbird satellite to receive channels will not be able to view all of these channels.

On important thing to notice in the development of satellite channels is the number of Iraqi channels broadcasts. I remember that till the end of 2006 there were 28 channels after it has been only two channels before 2003.

- الفضائية السورية Syria Satellite Channel

- قناة الدنيا السورية Addounia TV

- قناة الرأي السورية Arrai TV

- قناة المجد للحديث الشريف Almajd Al Hadeeth Al Nabawy

- قناة تونس Tunis 7

- قناة بيئتي Beeaty TV

- قناة الخليجية Al Khalijiya

- قناة سلطنة عمان الثانية Oman TV 2

- قناة مسايا Massaya

- قناة التجارية Al Tejariah TV Channel

- قناة جامعة القاهرة للتعليم المفتوح Cairo University 1

- قناة العراقية الفضائية Al Iraqiya Satellite

- قناة العراقية أطياف أو العراقية الثانية Al Iraqiya 2

- قناة العراقية الرياضية Al Iraqiya Sports

- قناة روتانا كليب Rotana Clip

- قناة روتانا طرب Rotana Tarab

- قناة البركة Al Baraka TV

- قناة الحكمة Al Hekmah TV

- قناة أفاق العراقية Afaq TV

- قناة ميلودي تركس Melody Trix

- قناة Fun TV

- قناة OTV

- قناة سكوب Scope TV

- قناة أفراح Afrah TV

- قناة فتوى Al Fatwaa

- قناة القيثارة العراقية Al Qiethara Satellite Channel

- قناة بحري Bahry TV

- قناة روسيا اليوم Rusiya Al-Yaum

- قناة وطن الأردنية Watan TV

- قناة الصحراء Al Sahraa TV

- قناة الوطن الكويتية Alwatan TV

- قناة المستقلة Al Mustakillah TV

- قناة الأمة Al Omma TV

- قناة الفيحاء Al Fayhaa

- قناة شــدا Shada TV

- قناة الأقصى الفلسطينية Alaqsa Satellite Channel

- قناة أطلس للسفر و الثقافة ATC

- قناة عرب Arab TV

- القنوات التعليمية المصرية ERTU

- قناة التعليم الابتدائي و الإعدادي المصرية Primary and Preparatory Education Channel

- قناة التعليم الثانوي المصرية Secondary Education Channel

- قناة التعليم التقني المصرية Technical Education Channel

- قناة تعليم اللغات المصرية ******** Education Channel

- قناة التعليم العالي المصرية High Education Channel

- قناة التعليم العالي الثانية High Education Channel 2

- قناة المنارة العلمية المصرية Al Manarah Science Channel

- قناة العربية الاقتصادية ABC : Arab Business Channel

- قناة الفجر الفضائية Al Fajr Space Channel

- قناة صلاح الدين العراقية Salahaddin TV

- قناة بلادي العراقية Beladi Satellite Channel

- قناة الفرات العراقية Al Forat

- قناة تميمة Tamima TV

- قناة الهدى Huda TV

- قناة أبو ظبي Abu Dhabi TV

- قناة الواسطة Al Wasta

- قناة الرسالة Al-Resalah Satellite TV Channel

- قناة روتانا سينما Rotana Cinema

- قناة الحرة عراق Alhurra Iraq

- القناة الأولى المصرية ERTU 1 Sat

- قناة النيل الدولية Nile TV International

- قناة المصرية الفضائية Al Masriya

- قناة المنوعة الليبية Al Monowa

- قناة سيليفيجين Selevision

- قناة الراي الكويتية Alrai TV

- قناة الهداية الليبية Al Hedaya

- قناة المشكاة Al Mishkat Channel

- قناة ميوزيك بلص Music Plus

- قناة دبي ون Dubai One

- قناة دبي الرياضية Dubai Sports Channel

- قناة ســما دبي Sama Dubai

- قناة دبي الفضائية Dubai TV

- قناة الشارقة Sharjah TV

- قناة سبيس تون عربي Space Toon Arabic

- قناة نجوم Nojoom

- قناة سي إن بي سي عربية Space Toon Arabic

- قناة الشرقية العراقية Alsharqiya TV

- قناة الاقتصادية Al Eqtisadia

- قنوات شبكة الأوائل ADD

- قناة الحرة Alhurra

- قناة فلسطين الفضائية Palestinian Satellite Channel

- قناة المغربية الأولى Al Maghribya

- قناة السودان الفضائية Sudan TV

- قناة سلطنة عمان الفضائية Oman TV Satellite

- قناة البحرين الفضائية Bahrain TV

- قناة الكويت الفضائية Kuwait TV 1 Satellite

- قناة المحور المصرية Mehwar

- قناة الكويتية الثانية Kuwait TV 2

- قناة الكويتية الثالثة Kuwait TV 3

- قناة الحوار Al Hiwar TV

- قناة الأزياء العربية Fashion TV Arabia

- قناة الليبية الفضائية Jamahirya Satellite Channel

- قناة النيل للأخبار Nile News

- قناة النيل للأسرة و الطفل Nile Family and Kids

- قناة النيل للمنوعات Nile Variety

- قناة النيل للدراما Nile Drama

- قناة النيل للرياضة Nile Sports

- قناة النيل الثقافية Nile Culture

- قناة التنوير Al Tanweer Channel

- قناة دريم الثانية Dream 2

- قناة الواحة Al Waha

- قناة نجوم 3 Nojoom 3

- قناة تي إكس تي TXT

- قناة شات كوم Chatcom TV

- قناة المجد الفضائية Almajd Space Channel

- قناة دريم 1 Dream 1

- قناة دي دبليو تي في عربية

- قناة مزيكا Mazzika

- قناة إي تي في ETV

- قناة مزيكا زووم Mazzika Zoom

- قناة الكوثر Alkawthar TV

- قناة الرافدين العراقية Al Rafiden TV

- قناة سبايسي Spicy

- قناة بغداد الفضائية Baghdad Satellite Channel

- قناة البغدادية العراقية Al Baghdadia

- قناة الناس Alnas

- قناة إم بي سي 1 MBC 1

- قناة إم بي سي 2 MBC 2

- قناة إم بي سي 3 MBC 3

- قناة إم بي سي 4 MBC 4

- قناة العربية Al Arabiya

- قناة حواس Hawas TV

- قناة العقارية الاولى Al Aqariya TV

- قناة العقارية الثانية Al Aqariya 2

- قناة زي عربية Zee Arabiya

- قناة إم بي سي أكشن MBC Action

- قناة أخبار المستقبل Future News

- قناة الشارقة الثانية Sharjah TV 2

- قناة ميدي 1 سات المغربية Medi 1 Sat

- قناة ميلودي عربية Melody Arabia

- قناة المغربية الثانية 2M Monde

- قناة سبيس تون بور Space Toon Power

- قناة الشبابية Shababiyah TV

- قناة العفاسي Alafasy TV

- قناة الجزيرة الانكليزية Al Jazeera English

- قناة أرتينيز ART Teenz

- قناة اقرأ Iqraa

- قناة الفضائية الأردنية Al Ordoniya

- قناة المستقبل Future TV International

- قناة ميلودي أفلام Melody Aflam

- قناة روتانا زمان Rotana Zaman

- قناة البداية Al Bedaya

- قناة أبو ظبي الرياضية Abu Dhabi Sports

- قناة هاي تي في Hi TV

- قناة أصول Osool

- قناة الأنوار Al Anwar TV

- قناة العالم Alalam News Channel

- قناة المجد للقرآن الكريم Almajd Holy Quran

- قناة حنبعل التونسية Hannibal TV

- قناة الكاس القطرية Alkass

- قناة مرح Mara7

- قناة إن بي إن اللبنانية NBN

- قناة هي (قناة المرأة العربية ) Heya TV

- قناة الجديد اللبنانية New TV Sat

- قناة المنار اللبنانية Al Manar TV

- قناة إل بي سي LBC Sat

- قناة روتانا خليجية Rotana Khalijiah

- قناة السومرية العراقية Alsumaria

- قناة السعودية الأولى Saudi Arabian TV 1

- قناة السعودية الثانية Saudi Arabian TV 2

- قناة الرياضية السعودية Al Riyadiah Satellite

- قناة الإخبارية السعودية Al Ekhbariya

- قناة قطر الفضائية Qatar TV

- قناة السادسة ( قناة محمد السادس للقرآن الكريم ) Assadissa Maroc

- قناة الرياضية المغربية Arriyadiya

- قناة الجزائر (الثالثة ) Algeria 3 (Thalitha TV)

- قناة نسمة ( قناة ستار أكاديمي المغرب العربي ) Nessma TV

- قناة عجمان Ajman TV

- قناة إنفينتي Infinity

- قناة أي إن بي اللبنانية ANB

- قناة نجوم 2 Nojoom 2

- قناة الديرة Al Deera TV

- قناة فواصل Fawasel TV

- قناة نجوم 4 Nojoom 4

- قناة بروز Borouz TV

- قنوات الجزيرة الرياضية Al Jazeera Sport Channel

- قناة الجزيرة للأطفال Al Jazeera Children's Channel

- قناة الجزيرة مباشر Al Jazeera Mobasher

- قناة الجزيرة الإخبارية Al Jazeera Channel

- قناة الديار العراقية AldiyarSat

- قناة نورمينا الأردنية Nourmina Satellite Channel

- قناة إل بي سي أوربا LBC Europe

- قناة عشتار العراقية Ishtar

- قناة الآن Al Aan TV

- قناة صانعو القرار DM TV

- قناة جونا Jawna

- قناة غراس Ghiras TV

- قناة النهرين العراقية Nahrain TV

- قناة ليبيا الرياضية Libya Sports Channel (Riadia)

- قناة البديل الليبية Al Badeel

- قناة الليبية الرياضية Libya Sport

- قناة الليبية Al Libiyah TV

- شبكة قنوات أوربت شوتايم OSN

- قناة مرحبا Marhaba TV

- قناة روتانا أوربا Rotana Europe

-aشبكة قنوات النيل NTN

- قناة المسار العراقية Almasar Satellite

- قناة البابلية العراقية Al Babeleyia Sat Channel

- قناة الموصلية العراقية AL Mowseleye TV

- قناة العدالة Al-Adalah

- قناة فاميلي Family TV

- قناة djmusic

Iommi Facts

Iommi Facts is a website dedicated to the legendary guitarist. Every single person who know me personally and through my blog knows that Iommi is my all time favorite guitarist.

He managed to top the throne through all my years listening to heavy metal, and his latest masterpiece on The Devil You Know is a living proof.

As described by its owners:

" This website is a work of satire created by Tony Iommi fans, based on an idea by Rodrigo Teixeira.
We are not and we do not claim to be in any way affiliated to Tony Iommi in any manner.
This website is just a humoristic hommage to the man and his music.
None of the “facts” on this website are true. "

Monday, February 01, 2010

Interactive | A Traveler's Guide to the Planets- National Geographic Channel

"The best interactive guide to planets in the solar system.
A Traveler's Guide to the Planets interactive takes you on an interactive trip to the planets.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Blaze Bayley - Promise And Terror

This album is on its way to be delivered in my home post box. The reason I am looking forward to this album is because it has been recorded by the same band who did "The Man Who Would Not Die", my favorite album for 2008.

I mentioned that before, didn't I?

I listened to three songs from Promise and Terror, and believe me, this album is exactly the same as it predecessor, and maybe better. In addition, all the articles I read about the album gave positive review as describing it as being tight, powerful, dark and really heavy.

Will this album be on top of my 2010 albums? that remain to be seen.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Arabic Books in Amsterdam

Some refer to it as not a good commercial idea, but my visit to a district in Paris where a number of Arabic bookshops located there – they were closed by the time I arrived, I was a bit early, so I waited in a cafe and decided to visit the Arab Institute in Paris. I have never been there.

This institute, as I heard is the effort, financially mainly, of all Arab countries in the 1990’s. The exception was Iraq because it was under the economic and political sanctions after invading Kuwait. The building is astonishing and so huge. The library does not only have Arabic books, but also English and French, maybe more, but the number of the books and the variety was something I would spend hours in it, not to mention spending a lot of money at the end.

I bought six books from there, if someone like to know

After leaving that place and on the way to the airport I kept on wondering why there is no such a bookshop in Amsterdam? Never mind the cultural awareness thing that an Arabic Institute have in a European city, so I skip that for now, but what about a bookshop and why there is none in Amsterdam equivalent to Ibn Sina bookshop in Paris, for example?

I asked this question before and there were many answers, but all of them pour into the same pot: Arabs don’t buy books, so a bookshop will loose money. I had my suspicions then, but when I went two years ago to a Dutch bookshop to buy Saidety magazine for my mother, I asked the buyer about such a thing. By the way, Saidety is a Gulf-published magazine focusing on women’s life of all ages, in addition to celebrities and entertainment news.

The buyer was originally Turkish, he told me with frustration that only that magazine is available in Arabic, and even this magazine is hard to sell in Amsterdam, because people think that it is too expensive!

Does this means that Arabs in Amsterdam are less educated, and that their counterparts in Paris or London are more literate and more eager to spend a cent on knowledge and information?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

10 Things I Hate About Airports and Flights

airport051 .The stomach burn and the feeling of acids tearing up your stomach before or during the trip.

2. Buying a sandwich or something at an airport and the seller wears an ugly and bored face.

3. Seeing travelers at the airport or in the airport who think of themselves as God with the way they look down at other passengers.

4. I don’t mind seeing a stewardess that looks stressed with tired eyes or difficult to smile, but I hate most when a stewardess plays the strict teacher role and passengers as her naughty and lazy students.

5. I hate young boys who pick on girls during flight as if they are going to have some extraordinary romantic experience in such environment.

6. Travelling with no book or something to read is disastrous to me. I can’t get into an airplane, take my seat with no book or magazine in my hand.

7. Child crying before departure! What a dramatic situation. I know there are some parents who feel helpless, families don’t travel that often so mostly they are not prepared for such a situation, but most travelers believe that a crying child is annoying.

8. Traveling in summer and have air-conditioning switched off before departure just make blood boils inside me, especially if it has been announced that there is a delay. It didn’t happen on this flight, but I remember it happened to me a couple of times.

9. Speaking of announcements, I don’t think it is a good idea to have an airplane captain or a stewardess talking in another language unclearly. Passengers will depend on their instinct to understand what has been said through these little speakers.

10. I hate male passengers who take their shoes before and during the trip, or those who stretch forward to reach the end of the chair in front.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I kept on wondering about the reasons, why I objected my wife when she asked me if I would like to accompany her to Michael Buble’s concert? More to that, why I don’t have the mood to get a Jazz CD and play it, not in the car, but at least at home? I used to love this music genre, what went wrong? I know that mood is the main driving force that makes a person listen to a certain music style at a certain time in the day.

Why am I saying this?

For the past 30 minutes, and maybe be more I am just sitting in the parking car next to one of the most crowded and commercial shopping centers in Paris, watching people walking by or crossing the street, staring at the magnificent architecture that shaped these yellowish curves of historical Parisian buildings in front of me, and jazz music playing in the background from a French radio station called Jazz TSF JAZZ.

Guess what, they are playing Michael Buble on this radio station among many Jazz pioneers, such as Louis Armstrong.

I asked myself if I would ask my wife to go to a jazz concert, or to Bubles’ when I get back home. Yet, I still doubt it.

Maybe this is the Paris Effect!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fady Andraws

c5c33355 I was listening to the radio when I heard `Hayda Mish Ana`, a song by a singer called Fady Andraos, or Fadi Andrawos.

I never heard of this singer before, maybe because I don´t follow Star Academy, the Lebanese show where his talent became known to millions in the Arab World. 

The song is solid, an arrangement that is mainly heavy metal with Lebanese accent lyrics. There are some little gothic element in the middle of the song, I consider a little weak, but did not ruin the song. I like the chorus of the song, very catchy, not to mention the excellent guitar section of the song.

I googled Fadi, I thought he was Lebanese, no, he is Palestinian but living in Lebanon, and found a short interview of him on YouTube talking about different things… Some information on this young talented singer are

His influences are James Hatefield of Metallica, David Coverdale of Whitesnake, and Axel Rose of Guns N´Roses, among others he did not metnion

He has an album and three singles/ video clips.

He loves Lebanese legendary singer, Milhem Barakat, and would love and will be honored if he worked together with him in the future.

There are plans to do a duet with a RAP or hip hop singer.


On the last piece of info, why??

I don't know what the end result of such cooperation would be, I mean what the song would be like, but do we need a rapper here to achieve fame?

Fady, if you happen to read this, dive in more into heavy metal and hard rock, your song (and heard part of the Lebanon/Palestine song) are excellent. From what I heard, you can be a pioneer in bringing the genre to the middle east, with such talent and determination, Fadi can do that.

The voice that Fadi Andraws has is without any doubt unique. When I say unique, it means different, it means that when someone hear the voice it is easily recognized.

While listining to this song, more than once I had the feeling in certain parts of the song, especially in the lower tone singing parts that I am listening to Geoff Tate of Queensryche. It is not the same voice, of course, besides, Tate pitching high notes cannot be compared to, but in lower notes, the clarity and rawness of Fadi’s voice is extraordinary. Hey, no one knows, maybe Fadi can have a try that in the future and show people how pitching high notes as Tate does.

Keep on rocking, Fadi

Below is the video clip of the song Hayda Mish Ana

Time to go for a walk in Paris before the time of my appointment, maybe I will find Fadi’s CD in a record store!

Arriving in Paris

france-eiffel-tower last time I came here it was one year ago, it was late 2008, by car, but this time I decided to take a flight to this beautiful city. While waiting in the airport to get picked up I thought of writing this post. Paris is one of the cities I like to visit on regular basis. I never thought of moving in and live in it, but I just like to visit it at least once a year. Such trips intrigues me to check out what changes took place, on its people, the way everyone lives…etc

After I took my bag and went through customs the first thing I decided to do was to go outside and have a smoke before I came back in this huge waiting hall to start writing this post.

First observation is seeing English language adverts on different places hanging around the airport- it seems that Sarkozy’s love and affection with the US and its language has made its effect on the way French who are known for their pride of their language change the way they advertise for commercial products.

I remember seeing English language banners and adverts in my last visit and I discussed this with my people here, but it was way less to see compare it to this time and what I have seen in the past hour or so.

The trip to Paris from Amsterdam was smooth, it is only 1 hour and a half so no one would notice anything, especially people like me who like to read while going on trips. By the way, this is the first time ever that I resist what I call a personal ritual that I used to follow every time I travel: to buy a book or a magazine, maybe because in the back of my mind I thought of the length of the trip, as I said, it is just a matter of an hour and a half, or less maybe, The Guardian newspaper was sufficient as a substitute on this trip.

Talking about travelers, it sometimes surprises me when hearing two people talking non stop while on a trip. It is just amazing the energy that some people have to just talk and talk and talk with no pause in between and no care for others who, for example want to sleep or want to have some quiet time reading something. It is normal to talk, to have a conversation with your travelling partner, but to have a continuous conversation with comments on that person and the other in low voice, and in Dutch, this is some kind of annoying. Besides, who said that Dutch language is a secret language, did they think that no one would understand them? I thought half of the airplane have Dutch passengers on it.

Back to the airport, not a lot of people like to visit Paris at this time of the year, I guess, and this might be the reason not seeing a lot of people around. I don’t know if this has something to do with the economic crisis, or whether the winter-crisis that hit northern Europe had its part here too.

Actually, where I sit it looks like a train station or a big bus terminal to me, more than an international airport.  The lighting, the shops, even the faces of people roaming around, it doesn’t look like an airport.

And for the last 5 minutes, I don’t know who is the hell is fiddling with the main microphones. On the main loud speakers everyone can hear the cracks of the microphone being moved, like a cleaner is wiping the table and moving the microphone around while doing his work.

OK, that’s it for now, going for a smoke.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Amsterdam, Most Romantic City???

The last thing I could think of is to consider Amsterdam as the most romantic city in the world!! I was surprised while watching an old episode of Smallville last weekend when Lex was asking his girlfriend if she likes to go to an exhibition at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

I lived long enough to identify this beautiful city as being something but romantic. Amsterdam is a very commercial city - in spite of the decline in the number of international companies opening offices in it due to a number of reason that I am not going to discuss here. Amsterdam is a city for fun of all sorts, mainly for young adults, actually it is the city where "sex, drugs, and rock n' roll" can be perfectly applied to.

Many agree and I heard it from many visitors as well as locals that Amsterdam is not a city for families, and many families realize that the time has come to move out to another city when their kids has reached certain age.

In addition, Amsterdam to me is a symbol of a spectacular architectural beauty with its unique houses built tightly next to each other and queued on each side of the dark-gray edge colored of its canals.

It has been once said that it is the only city in the world where all languages in the world is spoken, and I am talking about people who are living in the city and not tourists who come and go. If I am not exaggerating, 90% of Amsterdam inhabitants nowadays are originally from countries all around the world.

Speaking of languages, the dominant language any observer can hear most is Spanish - I think more than English itself. There are a lot of Spanish youth roaming the streets day and night. I would simply see there is harmony in the relationship between the two, because Dutch too love to go to Spain a lot - Even men and women who are retired from work, they go and buy a house in Spain because of the sun mainly.

There are a plenty of places in Amsterdam but my favorite one still to this day is Kalverstraat. I used to go for a walk on that very long street every Saturday. It is one of the most crowded street (if not the most) in all Amsterdam, pedestrians are only allowed to use that street - the police will stop you and maybe fine you if caught riding a bicycle on through that street.

Yet, on a second thought one can argue that all what mentioned above can in fact make Amsterdam a romantic city, depending on the definition of romance, but would such a definition can be equal when taking a city such as Paris as being a romantic city? or maybe Rome?

Image by liketobite

Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Fully Fit, But Doing OK

I am back! still alive after a week of trying to recover from the fall I had one day before the end of the year. On that day, very early I felt dizzy and everything around me started spinning before I lost consciousness.

Last week I spent the time trying to get a reason or an explanation for this dizziness with no success, and what made things worse is the unbearable pain started to feel in my neck and my left arm - with numb feeling of left fingers. I went to the hospital and took photos, and I am not going to talk about the procedure in hospitals and the lack of ability to diagnose sickness by specialists here in spite of the advanced technology available.

The only thing I managed to get were a number of appointments at the hospital for next month, yes, next month!! Until that time, my doctor said two things: Can't find a thing that caused me to faint, or what caused the pain in my neck. The doctor(S) also asked me to take things easy and this applies to work, driving, movement...etc

My apologies to all friends who sent me emails asking about me and I also wish everyone best wishes and that 2010 bring all wishes and dreams true.