Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Fully Fit, But Doing OK

I am back! still alive after a week of trying to recover from the fall I had one day before the end of the year. On that day, very early I felt dizzy and everything around me started spinning before I lost consciousness.

Last week I spent the time trying to get a reason or an explanation for this dizziness with no success, and what made things worse is the unbearable pain started to feel in my neck and my left arm - with numb feeling of left fingers. I went to the hospital and took photos, and I am not going to talk about the procedure in hospitals and the lack of ability to diagnose sickness by specialists here in spite of the advanced technology available.

The only thing I managed to get were a number of appointments at the hospital for next month, yes, next month!! Until that time, my doctor said two things: Can't find a thing that caused me to faint, or what caused the pain in my neck. The doctor(S) also asked me to take things easy and this applies to work, driving, movement...etc

My apologies to all friends who sent me emails asking about me and I also wish everyone best wishes and that 2010 bring all wishes and dreams true.

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