Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fady Andraws

c5c33355 I was listening to the radio when I heard `Hayda Mish Ana`, a song by a singer called Fady Andraos, or Fadi Andrawos.

I never heard of this singer before, maybe because I don´t follow Star Academy, the Lebanese show where his talent became known to millions in the Arab World. 

The song is solid, an arrangement that is mainly heavy metal with Lebanese accent lyrics. There are some little gothic element in the middle of the song, I consider a little weak, but did not ruin the song. I like the chorus of the song, very catchy, not to mention the excellent guitar section of the song.

I googled Fadi, I thought he was Lebanese, no, he is Palestinian but living in Lebanon, and found a short interview of him on YouTube talking about different things… Some information on this young talented singer are

His influences are James Hatefield of Metallica, David Coverdale of Whitesnake, and Axel Rose of Guns N´Roses, among others he did not metnion

He has an album and three singles/ video clips.

He loves Lebanese legendary singer, Milhem Barakat, and would love and will be honored if he worked together with him in the future.

There are plans to do a duet with a RAP or hip hop singer.


On the last piece of info, why??

I don't know what the end result of such cooperation would be, I mean what the song would be like, but do we need a rapper here to achieve fame?

Fady, if you happen to read this, dive in more into heavy metal and hard rock, your song (and heard part of the Lebanon/Palestine song) are excellent. From what I heard, you can be a pioneer in bringing the genre to the middle east, with such talent and determination, Fadi can do that.

The voice that Fadi Andraws has is without any doubt unique. When I say unique, it means different, it means that when someone hear the voice it is easily recognized.

While listining to this song, more than once I had the feeling in certain parts of the song, especially in the lower tone singing parts that I am listening to Geoff Tate of Queensryche. It is not the same voice, of course, besides, Tate pitching high notes cannot be compared to, but in lower notes, the clarity and rawness of Fadi’s voice is extraordinary. Hey, no one knows, maybe Fadi can have a try that in the future and show people how pitching high notes as Tate does.

Keep on rocking, Fadi

Below is the video clip of the song Hayda Mish Ana

Time to go for a walk in Paris before the time of my appointment, maybe I will find Fadi’s CD in a record store!

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