Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Retirement & Consciousness

Another retired military/intelligence expert decided to come out and admit using harsh treatment to prisoners. How come the notorious Donald Rumsfeld didn’t follow suit like Lieutenant General Ricardo S. Sanchez? It seems that those guys looked in the mirror more often after retirement and decided collectively to take the next step for them to clear consciousness, and to disclose either their disgust with their superior’s policy or admitting doing wrong (soft word for crime against humanity).

P.S. picture is courtesy of Eddi The Yetti

My Next Trip!

Well, not exactly my next trip, the one after the next! Not bad, not bad at all!

P.S. the picture is courtesy of Four Eyes

Drinking Coffee!

A man pours coffee in his plastic cup from the coffee machine, then put milk and sugar in, and rapidly stirring the whole thing in. He won't drink it, he take another plastic cup, but an empty one, he position the empty cup beneath the one with coffee and pour the coffee to the empty one, and quickly switch the cups position and do the same... this exercise is repeated for four to five to six times, and if there is another person chitchatting then this exercise will be repeated more and more till a moment when the empty plastic cup is thrown to the trash bin and the man enjoy a nice coffee with milk and sugar! This is the way Indians (at least whom I see doing it) prepare and drink their coffee in working place.

It is very interesting to learn about other cultures' practices and ways!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Rasim Al Jumaliy

God bless his soul!