Monday, December 03, 2007

Rasim Al Jumaliy

God bless his soul!


Abbey said...

Dear Mix, you forgot to tell us non-Iraqis who is this man...x

MixMax said...

He was one of the leading comedian actors in Iraq. Was born in December 1938, in Baghdad. A graduate from the Iraqi Acedemy of Art in Baghdad in 1964.

He was known mainly for being one of the best theater, cinema and TV comedians in Iraq. He is also known for being a director and radio presenter in the 1960s and participated in establishing a number of theater groups, such as Dar Al Salam during the 1980s, where they made a number of very successful plays during that time. However, he remained known through his roles on TV (the first time appeared was in a history drama show), which varied from these for children (such as competition and games show) to drama, such as in his role in the great Iraqi show “The Wolf and the Eyes of the City”. The last show he made was “Our Country Has Been Sold”, a black-comedy series shown two months ago on the Iraqi satellite channel Al Sharqiyah, where he played the role of “the Leader”. He left to Syria afterwards where he died after health complications. He is buried in a cemetery in the Syrian capital, Damascus. His funeral was attended by thousands of ordinary people and fellow Iraqi actors.