Friday, January 22, 2010


I kept on wondering about the reasons, why I objected my wife when she asked me if I would like to accompany her to Michael Buble’s concert? More to that, why I don’t have the mood to get a Jazz CD and play it, not in the car, but at least at home? I used to love this music genre, what went wrong? I know that mood is the main driving force that makes a person listen to a certain music style at a certain time in the day.

Why am I saying this?

For the past 30 minutes, and maybe be more I am just sitting in the parking car next to one of the most crowded and commercial shopping centers in Paris, watching people walking by or crossing the street, staring at the magnificent architecture that shaped these yellowish curves of historical Parisian buildings in front of me, and jazz music playing in the background from a French radio station called Jazz TSF JAZZ.

Guess what, they are playing Michael Buble on this radio station among many Jazz pioneers, such as Louis Armstrong.

I asked myself if I would ask my wife to go to a jazz concert, or to Bubles’ when I get back home. Yet, I still doubt it.

Maybe this is the Paris Effect!!!

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