Saturday, January 23, 2010

10 Things I Hate About Airports and Flights

airport051 .The stomach burn and the feeling of acids tearing up your stomach before or during the trip.

2. Buying a sandwich or something at an airport and the seller wears an ugly and bored face.

3. Seeing travelers at the airport or in the airport who think of themselves as God with the way they look down at other passengers.

4. I don’t mind seeing a stewardess that looks stressed with tired eyes or difficult to smile, but I hate most when a stewardess plays the strict teacher role and passengers as her naughty and lazy students.

5. I hate young boys who pick on girls during flight as if they are going to have some extraordinary romantic experience in such environment.

6. Travelling with no book or something to read is disastrous to me. I can’t get into an airplane, take my seat with no book or magazine in my hand.

7. Child crying before departure! What a dramatic situation. I know there are some parents who feel helpless, families don’t travel that often so mostly they are not prepared for such a situation, but most travelers believe that a crying child is annoying.

8. Traveling in summer and have air-conditioning switched off before departure just make blood boils inside me, especially if it has been announced that there is a delay. It didn’t happen on this flight, but I remember it happened to me a couple of times.

9. Speaking of announcements, I don’t think it is a good idea to have an airplane captain or a stewardess talking in another language unclearly. Passengers will depend on their instinct to understand what has been said through these little speakers.

10. I hate male passengers who take their shoes before and during the trip, or those who stretch forward to reach the end of the chair in front.

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