Friday, March 05, 2010

Iron Maiden & Dream Theater on One Show??!!

Metal heads in the U.S. and Canada are lucky this year because they have the chance to see Iron Maiden and Dream Theater as the two great bands will tour the continent this summer.

I did not have the chance back in 2007 to see both bands on the same event when I attended Fields or Rock festival, because I only went to day 1, which enabled me to see Maiden, Dio's Black Sabbath (sorry.. its called Heaven and Hell now), Slayer, among many other great bands. Day 2 had Dream Theater, Ozzy Osbourne and Motorhead and Megadeath, but as I said I mentioned earlier, I could not stay because I only bought tickets for day 1.

And yes, I do regret that

I have seen Iron Maiden show a number of times since their singer, Bruce Dickinson rejoined the band in 1999. In fact I have see them on their reunion tour back then. I also had the chance to see Dream Theater last October in Rotterdam, Ahoy, but to see both in one show, this is really a dream come true.

Hoepfully both bands would extend their north american tour to include European Festivals, no one knows!

By the way, the title of this tour, Final Frontier, is taken from upcoming Iron Maiden album with the same name, which will hit the market late summer. I think the "Eddie" picture we see here is related to the album artwork... something to do with space or Star Trek type of songs this time????

It makes me wonder if this is the last Iron Maiden album ever to be made, especially that I read couple of years ago Steve Harris hinting about the band making only 15 albums in their music career!!!

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