Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What's Wrong With Your Finger?????

Second day in the week today, I won't be able to count the number of time I have been asked this question from people at work:

"What's wrong with your index finger?" ...

"Is there something happened to you last weekend?"

I have to explain to them over and over again that there were elections in Iraq, to choose the next parliament, and I took part in it, and that every single person must have his index finger dipped a little in purple ink after giving vote.

The remark by most of those heard the story? "aaaah, yes, I saw that in the news"

Sorry, my mistake, I was not planning to let half of my index finger inked, I was in a hurry to vote and leave.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

same with me, too! except that this time the ink is coming off really fast. its saddening.

last time it stayed there for weeks (i admin i thought about never washing my index finger again ;-)

walid (from austria)