Thursday, March 04, 2010

Pethatic Elissa

In October 2008 I wrote about Elissa.

Not on a regular basis, but I noticed something intersting on my blog. A lot of people, and I mean it, a lot and a lot of people visit my blog for the purpose to read the above post on Elissa. They are either rerouted from Google or some other links on other websites.

If you are a fan of Elissa or like, someone who despise her music and her voice in particular, I would love to read a comment and exchange ideas. I am still wondering why would someone who look for specific article or topic and have the chance to comment, just read and never leave a single word or a sentence.

Unless I was harsh on the girl

But I can't see otherwise... Elissa is one of the screwed up female singers in the Arab world, period, because she can't sing.

I listened to the latest album and while I was in France I also heard the single Orient radio station kept on broadcasting almost on daily basiss, which in my opinion is an attempt by her to relive the glory she had when she put out her first ever single a couple of years ago.

Anyway, neither the album, nor this singer worth to take the time to write a preview on a single song from that album.

The verdict? isn't that obvious? she must not sing, she should simply quit, because it is worse than feeling pethatic for Elissa

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Russul said...

Ok her voice is not that great and on stage it's horrible, she does not have a high pitch! But yet it's full of emotions and the music is amazing!!! Come on!!