Sunday, March 08, 2009

CNN Interview With Geert Wilders

Below is the latest interview with Geert Wilders on CNN.

If Wilders does not want to extend hand with moderate Muslims because he doesn't think they exist (read the interview on Jihad Watch), and keep on focusing on religion rather than on certain samples in the community that take religion as tool for there own interest, then I guess Wilders has nothing more to say after some time - like an CD keep playing in loops.

Wilders doesn't want to sit with Muslims and talk, he want to choose his own people to promote his message, a message of hatred and division in a community that thousands of people (does Job Cohen ring a bell?) are putting wonderful effort in the Netherlands to make things better - not that there is war on the streets of Amsterdam between Dutch and Muslims! But I don't believe that stubbornness would help in achieving a result that everyone knows is not logical in today's world. However, it all goes to one factor: Fear, and fear will generate hatred, yet, that does not give the right to attack and carry the same tool to put fear and hatred into certain community living in the same country (in the whole continent on broader sense).

For that reason, there will be news about him in the future, it won't be necessary about his fight against "his version of Islam".

That's why I will keep comparing him to Haifa Wahbi

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