Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Did Hasan Zaitony Fool The MBC?

Yesterday I was watching the 7PM news on MBC news where a special report from the Netherlands was given on how traffic lights in Amsterdam (which was the focus of the report) are equipped with special installation with a small loud speakers that peeps continuously when the light turn to green for pedestrians. This system is meant to help blind and visually impaired people to identify crossing marks and easily walk across to the side of the street. In the report, Hasan Zaitony, the MBC reporter explained that this new technique would be implemented in other EU countries if this experiment would succeed in the Netherlands.

I watched the report till the end, where Zaitony interviewed a visually impaired man, he called him Alex, and most of the filming was done between the end of kalverstraat (the opposite side to Central train station) and Rembrandtplein (one of the main tourist attractions in Amsterdam).

I have been living in Holland for many years, and I can assure the MBC and its reporter that this facility for blind and visual impaired is not new at all – at least it has been installed for more than 10 years in different cities and the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

Is there a lack of reports that MBC is complaining from i.e. lost the sense of news making, that they take one old means of daily life in one country and turn it to a report just to fill the half an hour time given to the news bulletin? Or it that Mr. Zaitony tricked the MBC group (I watched his excellent reporting by him during the Yemen civil war in early 1990s) with such report?

I did not find any other explanation other than that, especially if I want to make a report, I have to look and research its background, something I don't think the MBC did for that report

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