Friday, March 27, 2009

Metallica Don't Hold Sweden Responsible

An interview with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett was conducted by the Stockholm radio station Bandit Rock 106-3 when the band was in Sweden earlier this month.

"It's always good to be in Sweden," Kirk says in the interview. "I know you guys think that we're traumatized by the whole Cliff Burton thing [on September 27, 1986, METALLICA's bassist Cliff Burton died in a tragic bus acccident in Sweden — Ed.], but that's really not the case. We don't hold Sweden responsible or any of that. But I feel that every time people say, 'Welcome to Sweden,' and I say, 'It's good to be back in Sweden,' and people are like, 'Wait a second. Didn't you have a tragic event happen here?' But, like I said, that could have happened anywhere, and we don't really blame Sweden as a whole for that — it's ridiculous to. . .


What nonsense!

Why should someone blame a whole country for an incident that cost the live of a member of a rock band?

Next thing to know is Sweden paying compensation to Metallica for the death and compensation for all the albums that Burton would play on if he was alive

To what extent would a legendary band like Metallica arrive at the highest level of boredom?

I know that Metallica members are not that talented in doing interviews - compare to their incredible musical talent, but to say rubbish like that is something exceptional

And by the way, I hated their latest album

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