Friday, March 27, 2009

Ridley Scott Scene Inspiration

Book VIII.. Joseph-Francois Michaud .. Illustrated by Gustave Dore

Notes; pages 255 to 258 Outrages by Richard exhibiting another of his nature -- Phillip leaving-- Richard Carrying on as leader .. page 258 being one day hunting in the forest of Saron, overcome by heat or fatique, he alighted from his horse and fell asleep under a tree. All at once he was aroused by the cries of those who accompanied him -- a troop of Saracens was close upon them! He sprang upon his horse, and prepared to defend himself ; but was near sinking beneath the force of numbers, when a knight of his suite, named William Pourcelet, cried out in the Arabic tongue, "I am the king ; spare my life." At these words, this generous warrior was surrounded by the Mussulmans, who made him prisoner and conducted him to Saladin. The King of England, thus was saved by the heroism of a French knight. . . .

More to the story here

However, does the picture above pause any similarities to the scene from the movie, Kingdom of Heaven? (see picture below)
with in a little change made to the purpose of or the event where that spiral movement of the Muslim army is taking place for.

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