Thursday, March 19, 2009

Worst of Humanity

The original idea of this post was a sort of an inspiration from Sarah’s list of people she loves because of their humanity. However, last minute I decided to change and write instead about the worst people in history, from my point of view.

This is not about stupid political figures (such as Sarah Palin) or dictators (like Idi Ameen) – maybe I will do that on another post, nor it is something to do with Dutch hates Germans and Israelis (mind you, not Jews) or which country or group I don't like, I won't post about that, because I am not a fan of the concept of generalization

Maybe except for political and religious extremists

Speaking of a list of hated people, there is someone who gathered a list of the internet's 10 most hated people, interesting.

I was surprised to see a list by someone who put his opinion of the worst people in history when he included Noam Chomsky, with Bill and Hilary Clinton, Jesse Jackson and Richard Nixon! More over, I didn't know why someone would put Ted Nugent or Tipper Gore (Al Gore's wife) in such a list! What about people we hate because they are filthy?

However, there is a consensus on Hitler being on the top of the list by many, and to a higher extent, many share common loath towards US ex-president, George W Bush. I guess all war mongers would be treated as such because they would bring nothing but devastation and suffering to their own and other countries' citizens as Hitler and Bush did.

Yet, this is my list of the worst people I despise without any order:

Josef Fritzl – A pervert who has no trace of humanity running in his veins

Marc Dutroux - Another pervert like Fritzl who committed crimes of rape and killing of little girls.

Saddam Hussain – for committing genocide against the Iraqi people and other countries, and by turning a rich and beautiful country into dust.

George W Bush – for resuming the job that Saddam started against the Iraqi people, and for self-inflicting current unpopularity of America in the World.

Bin Laden – for killing and causing the suffering of millions worldwide, and for assuming power on planet with the use a sword and a number of criminal minds.

Adolf Hitler – World wide maniac who tried to wipe out human history to impose a new one, including the attempt to purge the world from certain ethnic and religious group.

Geert Wilders – For adopting the same method Hitler used decades ago in Europe

Wafa Sultan - The Arabic version of Geert Wilders

Elissa - for headlining the process of the deteriorating that would lead to the extinction of Arabic music

Ben Afleck - for doing the same thing as Elissa but in movie business

The list would grow

I might add Aleister Crowley to the list

However, that's enough for now.


attawie said...

Poor Bin Affleck is not that harmful. Can't you just put him in some other list :D I'm not a big fan.. but still to put him with Josef Fritzl!

MixMax said...

He is harmful, to art, really. Someone like him shouldn't be acting because of many reasons.

I had a nice discussion with someone who share that loath toward Affleck, in fact he wrote an article then about him, its a nice and fun to read, in fact.

ah, and I am not going to remove him from the list :D

VNTuongLai said...

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