Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ozzy At The Tower 1998

I spend the morning watching Ozzy Osbourne's live concert at the tower theater, Philadelphia, from his 1989 tour.

Its good to see a healthy Ozzy, compare to today's who is either sucked up by either reality show or stupid shows - Thanks Sharon for turning a legend to dead-man-walking.

I loved his energy, his voice, that unique voice. I didn't care that much about his last album "black rain", sorry Joe, but I didn't like the music. Yet, looking at that live performance, the songs from both his solo career (highlight is "shot in the dark" and "I don't know", "Miracle Man", among many other, and of course from his Sabbath days ("Sweet leaf", "Iron Man" and "War Pigs"... yeaaaaaaah). These are just so tight and powerfully played.

It might be another reason to boost such performance to that level (I didn't like "Live and Loud"), maybe because half of Sabbath members are playing? the other person is non but the legendary Geezer Butler (my second favorite bassist of all time).

As on every 1980's heavy metal show, there is the solo by Zakk Wylde (actually more than one, there are some at intros and end of songs too - in addition to the racing contest between him and the public he enjoyed so much to do). There is also drum solo, and oh, Ozzy's children are there, before they got wasted by.... who else! Thanks again S!

I think this is one of the peaks in Osbourne's career, and one of the best performances he has ever done.

That live footage is a must for every metal fan, and I wonder why it never came out on DVD!


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