Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Devil You Know

No, it is not a religious post, the title of the post is of the new Heaven And Hell album.

I meant the new Black Sabbath album

Well, it is the same band except that there is no Ozzy and they have two names to tell everyone that "with Ozzy we are Sabbath" and "with Dio on vocals we are HnH"

I just heard the single from this album, called "black bible", which tells the story of someone who is reading from what it looks a black magic book. I am not used to a semi-acoustic intro by Iommi (taking into consideration his solo album Fuse, for example , but I love the song, what else can anyone expect from my guitar hero and the master of heavy metal.

The song can be listened from noisecreep website with new promotional photos published of the band taken from

The album will come out on 28 of April
it looks a long time to me, one month to wait for an album, but definitely I am buying this one.

Its good to be in your 60' s and still look real Metal

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