Friday, March 20, 2009

Stupid Drivers Day

Another day that can be regarded as "Stupid Drivers Day".

Driving in the neighborhood where it is only 50km/h allowed, and get blocked by someone pulled up without any signal into the middle of the street while his turned to the people with him trying to find something in the car to give. That's another 5 minutes lost.

Stopped at a traffic light, a Mercedes Benz, the latest model, in front of me. Lights green and the car in front moves like a turtle to the right, ok? now the traffic rules allow 70km/h maximum speed on that street, but the Mercedes man keep driving between 40 and 50km/h aaaaagh! He even all cars behind me slow down.

Move on, yeah, I arrive at the junction that leads to the highway, but this is Amsterdam ring and I am not allowed more than 80 Km/h maximum. No problem. The signs on that area is very clear (as in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Den Haag)

But why there are some people drive 60/70 KM/h?? and why some drivers in front of me just decided to change lanes without any notice, AND WITH SLOW SPEED????

OK, there comes the end of the 80KM/H rule, which means that I can speed up to 100KM/h... no problem I am already late for work............................................................................. oh oh why that young guy with the cab is driving 70km/h while he is talking to the young woman sit beside him? He blocked the whole traffic at the point of speed rules change

and suddenly a small truck coming from far quick, sign to the right, passing the young man with the cab car and in a fraction of second he slows down while moving from one lane to the other

I move on to the left quickly and speed up to 110km/h... another exit which I have to take to the other street and there was more chaos waiting for me

The whole highway, three huge lanes were only driving 50km/h... why?

A couple of drivers driving 50-70km/h

so when all cars slowly passed those intellgent creatures - one of them is a 50 years old man who was driving but his eyes was focused down on a spot between his legs...either he peed himself or regreted that he put on the pants he is wearing, because it is impossible that the way he was driving would made think that he was worried about something going wrong in his car.

Now that another 20 minutes has lost in this damn situation, I arrived at the exit of the hightway and where I have to drive 50km/h.

What is this?
why all of a sudden all cars driving in such a confusion
and why the ambulance car is just standing there at the side-walk with the driver just watching the passing cars with a calm and comfortable face?
why isn't he moving?
I couldn't find an answer

I drive on and there is that driver (couldn't figure out if it was a man or a woman) with a big Audi or Lamborghini who was driving very slow and when he saw the next traffic light became yellow he just speed up, but for me it was too late to catch up because the traffic light was turning from yellow to red... but I am already late for work... I can't take it anymore and a rational reflex was to speed up if it is red.

Another couple of traffic lights before I finally arrived at work.
The 20-30 minutes time I would normally take, it took me an hour and 5 minutes
What a start of the day

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