Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Joke Of The Day

The Man in the photo smiling is Lieutenant General Carter F. Ham. He is the chief of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, US army, of course. He said today during an interview with a French News agency that Iraq would take the defense of its national sovereignty "quite seriously" in the event of a Turkish incursion. Actually he said “It is important to note that Iraq is a sovereign nation, and they would take their sovereignty and the defense of their territory quite seriously."

The rest of the article is here

Can you feel how he emphasize when he say "it is important to note..."?? I wasn’t aware that an occupied country can also be considered a sovereign state!! Is this man stoned or something? Or did foreign forces left the country yesterday night while I was sleeping?


Gale said...

Hello Mix, heres how one Aussie read it, I tend to agree.

MixMax said...

Gale, the man is refering to the Iraqi people, as if they have a choice to protect or let the Turkish have dinner in Kirkuk. ! It doesn't need a lot of mathmatics to figure out what on Dick Cheney's mind or of anyone else in this US government! you fellow Ausie blogger is speculating the possible "rational" options the US would take in case of a Turkish military action, but since the US took rational actions towards the whole region, not only Iraq? They are always correct their mistakes with another mistake,even with the statements they make from time to time!

By the way, Barham Salih, is just another useless Iraqi official whom I cannot take his words for granted as long as he and others like him watching ordinary Iraqis suffer while they are happy with interviews on Al Jazeera and the BBC, and as long as he talks contrary to the reality, I shouldn't listen to him or mention his opinion on any blog.

MixMax said...

You know what might be the scenario for this?
ther might be a joint operation of Iraqi and Turkish against PKK. In the meantime the PKK will flee, at least they will leave some signs that they are leaving Iraq, but to where? Iran alrady bombed the borders, Syria gave its blessing on wiping out PKK from the face of the earth, so where else? In the middle of this the US will watch!

Gale said...

Mix I need to think to unravel all of that...seems whatever happens it wont be good for the Iraqi people...I know that sounds simplistic...and I apologise

Gale said...

I think your second statement explained it more clearly to me. I agree with you on Salih (he is the one that is given sound bites here on Radio National)

Have you seen dogs tear up a zebra (Iraq) as a lion looks on (already fed) this is the analogy I would use.

I dont know what the answer is Mix, and those in power dont even hear the question anymore. But you know my feelings, the Americans only look out for the Americans.