Monday, October 29, 2007


This is the name of a heavy metal band from Iraq. Acrassicauda is Latin, which means "Black Scorpion". The four-men band got together in 2001, influenced mainly by bands such as Iron Maiden and Slayer. After the fall of Saddam and deteriorating situation in Baghdad, the band decided to find a safe haven and they fled to neighboring Syria.

Below is a trailer from a documentary made by a Canadian journalist about the band and heavey metal in general.

A full article on the documentary and the band can be found here

According to their official website, the band is still working on their first album during their stay in Syria.


Gale said...

Now thats dedication Mix!...:)

MixMax said...

They are making the news in the heavy metal scene in general... unfortunatley not for their music... I wish them from my heart success and hopefully will have a chance to listen to their work one day

Gale said...

Can I ask what they are making the news for if not their music?

MixMax said...

They are yet another material for newsmaking: Heavey Metal Refugees from Iraq ... The only Iraqi heavey metal band in existence (which is for sure not entirely correct)... will they be playing on ozzfest (ozzy osbourne yearly heavy metal festival)?... the story of how they escaped Iraq because the insurgents considered them satanists...etc and many other similar headlines - I might see another headline saying that Britney is now engaged to the singer after the U.S. government granted the guys shelter in California!!

I wish I can find an interview with the band or some demos, or even a review on how they play! One might say, the documentary is the way to know more about the boys! OK, so what? I am more interested in having this band like any band... the music!

You see, all these news are just for the sake of making news, something new not said before, especially that we don't hear about the daily killings of innocent civillians like before on big media broadcast... it became something old fasion..........

It is not only sad, nor frustrating what is happening, but it is pethetic!