Monday, October 29, 2007

7 Random Facts

  1. The oldest toy I still have to this day is a small action figure of Chewbacca (from Star Wars). This year it marked the 30'Th anniversary.

  2. I never had jet lag in my life!

  3. Music, any genre, must be listened to loud, I can't listen to music any other way

  4. One dream I keep on hoping will come true: deep sea diving

  5. Knowledge about the world around me mostly gained from reading the enormous number of books belonged to my father and mother.

  6. One movie can't get fed up with: Heat. Every character in that film represents many combined symbols of everything human nature is made of.

  7. If there were a piece of music that can be applied to a personality of a person, I would choose "concerto for group and orchestra"!


Gale said...

You are more random than I
I love your chewbacca ..dont tell me you are a starwars fan...
If you ever learn to dive come to Australia, we have beautiful waters...:)

MixMax said...

I used to be a huge Star Wars fan, yes! Thanks for the invitation, no one knows, it might come true