Thursday, October 25, 2007

No TV!

I couldn't have proper conversation while the TV was on, even when the sound was muted. I switched it off. Afterwards while I was doing some stuff at home I remembered that the TV was still off. I stood in front of that black box and I kept staring at it. I smiled!

More than five years ago my TV set did not work anymore and I couldn't afford buying a new one, so I decided to have some time off from such a luxury, until a friend of mine managed to get it fixed. I remained without a TV for a long time. Friends were surprised "how come someone who is almost addicted to watching movies, news, and music can live that long without watching any TV?" Most of them asked such a question. To have an idea on how I consider the television as a source of information; sometimes I used to stay watching BBC Learning programs almost for the whole night. I enjoyed every bit of it. However, I didn't care more or less, I spent the time listening to the radio, books became again an essential part of my life, and of course browsing the Internet on daily basis, all provided me with the information and knowledge (and fun on many occasions) I needed. After some time, I noticed the change, not only in being enjoying the new status, but also on my friends. One of them told me that my place became like the fortress of solitude. I laughed because of comparing my small apartment with superman's secret home on the Arctic. Another friend in fact envied me for the atmosphere as a whole; dim lights inside, from the outside one could see random spots of light here and there of other apartments from the distance. Sometimes the moon's light just glow with charm through the main big windows in the living room. That sight was not completed without an accompanying sound to it; the music used to be played out almost the whole time from the speakers located in different corners of my apartment... Even when listening to the news, there was something different about it from watching it on TV! It was like giving more value to the event. There was always a book half open and a pen resting on a notepad, all left lying permenantly on the small wooden table between the two leather sofas.

I wondered many times about the delight of the moment... I didn't want to find an explanation! I didn't look for reason!
After the television was fixed, things were back to the way they used to. Do I miss that period with no TV in house? yes, very much! I got used to it, I loved it, in fact! I won't be exaggerating if I say it was magical.

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Gale said...

Smile, we do have that in common, Bella watches 1/2 an hour of television a day, that is all. I watch nothing.

We have the lights off and candles, we take turns at choosing music. We talk, we do craft, we play backgammon...

No we dont miss it at all.