Monday, October 29, 2007

Heaven And Hell: New Album In 2008

I loved the fact that news come from the great Joe Siegler himself regarding the announcement of Heaven and Hell planning to release a new studio album in 2008. This is something that many Iommi / Black Sabbath fans, including myself, are waiting for - except maybe for hardcore Ozzy fans who prefer to have a Sabbath album instead.

I almost fell out of my chair from laughing when reading the last bit of the news... hilarious

The fact that one line statement by Geezer Butler generated such an excitement, it shows how fans are loyal to bands such as Black Sabbath (or Heaven and Hell in this case) and how much they are always looking for new music.
The link to the news is here


Gale said...

Laugh...You little 'head banger' Mix....gald your a happy boy!...:)

MixMax said...

Tony Iommi is my idol, Gale, did you have a chance to read my post on my favorite guitarists, he tops the list :) His 2005 album, called "Fused" is one of my all time favorite albums, give it a try... tip: start with the song "I Go Insane"!

MixMax said...

by the way, I thought at my age I won't be able to do headbanging anymore, but when I saw them live last summer it was inevitable LOL

Gale said...

Laugh, now there is a mental picture that makes me smile...I will check the song on utube, although i must admit I am not a hand banger...i'll let you know what i think though...:)