Tuesday, October 23, 2007


A smile from a child can make someone very happy. Helping others can bring happiness. A smile from the one I love is the my ultimate happiness. Ice cream is the source of happiness for a child. A smile with a compliment from somone on the street can bring happiness. Meditation is for some people a great source of happiness. I am very happy when I achieve a goal at work or home or with family, or maybe when reaching the top of a mountain. In fact, friendship (new and old) and spending time with friends are sources of happiness.

Satisfaction can provide great happiness

But, can happiness be fulfilled when someone chasing a dream?


Gale said...

Smile, all of these i share, often someone is happiest when chasing the dream, and to achieve it can be a let down..

I'm not saying this is true for me..just that it is..

Warm baths, solitude, salt water,long walks, knowing your world is where you want it, lightning storms, anticipation

Most things that make me happy cant be bouught but come from within

Gale said...

Oh and icecream...(smile)

MixMax said...

Gale, you are always a joy with your comments, and I wouldn't agree with you more on what you said :)