Monday, October 22, 2007

10 Rules Of Integration

  1. Stop arguring about politics and religion for a minute, talk about something else, TV series for example?

  2. Stop negativity regarding immigrants and individials from originally from other countries living here. Najib Ahmali, is great, really. Focusing on positive symbols within society will encourage convergence

  3. Stop allowing social and municipal organisations for specific ethnic groups from becoming a lobby, it will generate more isolation and will lead to seclusion rather than serve and support.

  4. Stop this debate on the headscarf! In many cultures women do cover their heads, why bother with a piece of cloth?

  5. Stop whining on this is "our culture and this yours". Respect each other's cultures and social background, we both live on the same spot, bashing one another will have severe results on everyone, inlcuding children. Learning from each other is a rich and useful experience.

  6. Stop beleiving in what everything the media says, sometimes it depict people (not only Arabs) differently, because it always focus on the extreme of things.

  7. Stop talking about integration this and integration that, check many work places, it is full of people working as a team despite their different colors and mentalities i.e. have something in common to do.

  8. Stop being discouraged by the language. It is difficult, yes, just keep on talking, you will notice how much you made progress without notice.

  9. Stop generalization, address the details of the problem rather than saying that most problems are because of that community or the other.

  10. Stop staring with puzzelment when someone tell you that he is the expert who came to fix your computer, or who would make the design for your house. There are a lot who want a chance and will grab it and be super effecient.


Mountaingirl said...

These guideline could actually be extended to all people! Could make for a much better world :-)

MixMax said...

Unfortunately there are who might disagree with these guidlines for a reason or another, such as interference within one's culture or considering others as a foreign organ that might ruin the purity of other's culture

Gale said...

hi mix, i no its early in the morning here but i understood them all except the last one...x

MixMax said...

You are right, I should put it more clearly.
There are experts in certain fields or professions, really experts and know their jobs. They are originally from other countries and live in the Netherlands for years where they built a career. Their employer send them to a client to do some work, consultation, analysis, assessments...etc in many cases the client give a strange look, which explain one of two meanings: either "my god, will this guy be able to do his work?"; or "is this the expert?? I can't believe my eyes" look!

MixMax said...

oh, and a very good morning :)

Gale said...

We have similar situations with new overseas doctors who come to our country ... people are suspicious of their qualifications, experience. i think it is just human nature. Doenst make it acceptable but understandable..

and good morning to you as well...x

MixMax said...

Questioning ability is something, but putting a face of disbelief or looking puzzled because he or she was expecting the "analyst" or the "expert" to be someone else is another thing.

Again, I don't want to say that this is a general dilemma here, but I heard such remarks on more than one occasion.