Thursday, November 01, 2007

Where Did Everybody Go?

Two days ago I watched a program on TV about the issue related to the immunity of the security gang band, Blackwater, in Iraq. The guest was the head of Iraqi Lawyers Union who is happen to be in Damascus, Syria at that. The interview began with a question on Paul Bremer, head of the Coalition Provisional Authority then, who granted immunity from persecution in Iraq or the United States for security companies (among other foreign companies) working in Iraq at that time. The question that triggered the discussion and emphasis was the fact that such a decision practically should not be valid anymore after the dissolution of the Coalition Provisional Authority and the end of Bremer's term in Iraq! Therefore these companies must be persecuted for any crime they committed! The dilemma in that interview is not about what juridicially acceptable and what is not, when I looked at the top right of the screen, it says "LIVE" and below it its written "Damascus"! I was wondering if the head of Iraqi lawyers union was in Damascus for work (that might give him some sort of a better position to discuss such issues on a formal or official manner), or he is among the thousands of Iraqis who took Syria as a safe haven due to the fact that law and order is something with no significance.

This will bring me to the second bit of news I read two days ago; it is about prime minister Malaki who suddenly slammed the Iraqi constitution against the wall by appointing two new ministers in his cabinet without the consensus of the majority of the parliament. Two questions: First, what in God’s name the prime minister of Iraq is doing? Second question: Where is the rest of the members of the parliament go? That prompt me to ask a third question: why is it that many decisions require discussion and voting have been always adjourned, either due to withdrawal of some members or there is no enough votes due to absence of others? Where did everybody go?

This is the first time I hear members of parliament and other political leaders (not exiled opposition leaders I mean) run the country from outside the country…. With a remote control, I guess!!

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