Saturday, November 10, 2007

Don't Blame The Government!

Eariler today I read two articles about Iraq; both share a common theme: "who should the US administration blame for the ongoing failures in Iraq?" The first article from ABC news, which explains how public and private exchange of accusations among former and current US officials (including the White House) has reached a new peak, by directing blame regrading the deteriorating situation in Iraq on one person in particular; Paul Bremer, head of Constitutional Provisional Authority. The other article is also an interesting one from AlterNet, which goes further with the US government "blame theme". The writer of that article is assuming that any pull out of Iraq will means total failure, therefore, putting the US administration under pressure for that purpose by the American people and others around the world will not help the cause, and the American people must take full blame for that!

I find blaming the American people for being ungrateful or impatient with their government's attitude towards actions and decisions on Iraq repulsive! Repudiate one's responsibility and mistakes towards certain decisions is far worse than sitting and doing nothing in time of crisis.


Abbey said...

As Bush says proudly he is 'Commander in Chief' ... the blame stops with him ...impeach him, try him as a war criminal...nothing more nothing less...the rest of the blame throwing and arguing is irrelevant.. not only irrelevant but creating a smoke screen over the actual facts...

sorry to waffle on but it something i feel strongly about...x

MixMax said...

Gale, who is going to impeach George W. Bush? Once you asked me if I was a Star Wars fan, but did you have a chance to see Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999), in particular? I don't know if George Lucas forsee events that would be taken place in the future