Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wassouf's Worst Mixed Albums

Dul Mush Habayeb ( released 2000) in my opinion is the worst produced and mixed album the legendary Syrian singer, George Wassouf has ever made. However, it remains one of my favorite albums ever and it makes me feel horribly sad when listening to the way the end result of mixing the album came out! It made these great songs on the album sounds so lame, no power, but when someone hear them live, these songs easily illustrated with their perfect melodies and powerful musical structure, in addition, of course to Sultan Al Tarab's (Wassouf's nickname in the Arab World) remarkable singing that no one can beat.

I can't pick one song as my favorite, the titel song Dol Mush Habayeb (She is Not A Sweetheart), Kedah Kifayah (It Is Enough), Osha'a Akher Zaman (Lovers of this time), Ana Radi Bel Sahar (Happy to Stay Awake)*, all of them are excellent proof of how Geroge Wassouf used to and remain as one star in the history of Arabic music - if not the last star.

* Eglish translation from the album sleeve

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