Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Easy To Take Baghdad Back!

I read today a very article on the New Yorker I read today. In it, not a lot of new to what we know has been unveiled, but the most interesting part from that article is related to the interview with Sheikh Zaidan al-Awad, a tribal leader from Anbar. The Sheikh answered the questions about the purpose Iraqi tribes had a change of heart towards the Americans. He replied that "“We’ve already taken our revenge,” he said. “We’re the ones who’ve made them crawl on their stomachs, and now we’re the ones to pick them up.” He added, “Once Anbar is settled, we must take control of Baghdad, and we will.” There would have to be a lot more fighting before the capital was taken back from the Shiites, he said. “The Anbaris will take charge of the purge. What the whole world failed to do in Anbar, we have done overnight. Baghdad will be a lot easier.”

Is this a talk from strength point of view, or is it just some kind of mockery? Taking into the consideration Al Mahdi Army emergence after the end of the security plan very soon, and the rise of an equal Sunni force in the west, extending towards Baghdad, is that Sheikh trying to say that a real Civil War is destined to be taking place in Baghdad? What does he mean by saying that the capital will be taken back from the Shiites? or is it just translation fault?

Is this the fate of the Iraqi people? everytime they start to immitate normal life after bloodshed, another warning comes out from the east or from the west to remind them that they shouldn't forget that Iraq is not for the Iraqis?!!

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BlogIraqi said...

It is really painful where things are going. Its turning into a jungle where no trace of a real Government is there.
Maybe in a couple of months, Muqtada will come out of nowhere, as he usually does, and points out that Baghdad is his and he should not leave the Sunni "Nawasib" take over it.