Friday, November 09, 2007

Coffee On The Fly

I went yesterday afternoon to a travel agency for a couple of questions. The travel agency lady working there was very helpful, more than expected, she provided me with more tips and information than I thought. While she was checking two boys came in, one of 10 and the other around 15 years old. The eldest one led the way directly from outside to the coffee machine in the middle of the hall and quietly poured himself and the other boy some. I didn't notice the boys until the travel agency lady stopped working on her computer and started gazing over my shoulders, I turned around and saw the boy picking sugar and milk for him and for the other guy. The travel agency lady couldn't take it anymore out of frustration. Calmly but loud enough she said "hello boys, did you ask permission?" The eldest boy looked confused but didn't seem to be embarrassed at all! He replied "no, we didn't" and with cold smile on his fat face he continued stirring his coffee with the sugar and milk he just put. He then tapped the other boy and pushed him slightly on his back towards the outside door. They ignored the travel agency lady saying "you can't just come in anywhere you like, boys...." They kept on walking carrying carefully the plastic glasses of hot coffee with them. They even didn't say thank you or we are sorry or anything else, which made the travel agency lady say out of frustration "thank you very much..... you are welcome... they do say that, right??" But they didn't say anything and went out.

The surprise was when I saw what it looks like the boys parents standing outside waiting for the boys! The father was watching the situation carefully from outside through the big glass. His face was a bit worried: not because of his boys' behavior, I am sure, he was worried because he saw the travel agency lady was talking to the boys earlier! After they joined them, all together as one moved away from the big glass and walked away.

I don't believe that this has nothign to do with integration or different cultures. It is about how parents can teach their children the most simple manners and behavior towards others, especially in public places. I also don't believe that this has something to do with differences in culture and ethnic background!

This is simply an good example of bad upbringing!


Abbey said...

Just plain rude if u ask me. if i was the travel agent i would of followed boys out and let the parents have it....

MixMax said...

Good point, I asked myself that question too: why didn't she just went to those boys and to their parents in the first place?