Wednesday, November 07, 2007

So What?

Few days ago, CBS broke out the news of disclosing the true identity of the man code named "Curve Ball". He is considered responsible for providing evidence to build the case for the invasion of Iraq.

The CNN video below focus on Colin Powel, then Secretary of State then, and how he was skeptical about the whole report, which he himself presented during the security council session about Iraq prior to the war

Two questions: first, if this news is true, who should pay the price for what happened to Iraq till now? Second question, so what? will this bring back innocents got killed to their loved ones?

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Abbey said...

I'm sorry Mix, I only watched half of it. I turned it off in disgust!

None of them will pay!'s my understanding they changed the legislation, with the Patriots Act, to ensure that.

I know your second question is rhetorical...Nothing will bring back those lost...

But all governments need to pursue this, so forever more Bush is known for what he is and what he has done...& so noone ever forgets the tragic human cost and those responsible.