Wednesday, November 07, 2007

No Internet!

Two days I received a phonecall from work very early in the morning, because of that I had to check something on the internet, but when I switched on my computer...humm... no Internet! I checked all the cables, router, network and windwos settings, network card, everything seemed to work fine! A couple of hours later I went to work, checked the provider website and what a relief; they published an announcement about maintenance at the same time I was trying to access the Internet.

When I came back home I thought of the moment that morning where no Internet was available... There was a feeling of suffocation, a feeling of being locked out from the rest of the world! I realized how much I became dependent on the Internet. It became so essential in my life, like many others I know; Once I was on a visit to a friend who bought a new house. One of questions asked was whether that friend already order the Internet line and which provider did he choose!

The Internet became the essential source for anything and everything; booking flights for vacation trip; to check on the latest movies, music, software, hardware, clothes, cars, toys, houses, and even finding his other half! It is where we buy and sell stuff... actually many people don't buy anything unless they search for more information on that product, such as reviews and price comparison. With technological advancement, the Internet substituted the TV, and people started to watch their favorite shows through the Internet!

Couple of weeks ago my neighbor, a very old man in his late 60s asked me to fix his computer. A week later I brought the computer back to him. I left, went back home quickly and again out to do some quick shopping. Coincidentally I met that same neighbor's wife, she was on her out of the house when we met. We greeted each other and thanked me for helping them with the computer. She told with a big grin the moment I left their house and until now her husband is glewed on his chair in front of the computer screen and surfing the internet.

Most significance than all, it made the world smaller. It is like I am holding planet earth with my both hands, I turn the globe slowly left and right, read, listen, see, and learn!

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olivebranch said...

so true. the internet is such a huge part of life these days. where would I be without it!!!!