Friday, August 15, 2008


The Telegraph newspaper in the UK reported yesterday that a British tourist has been sentenced to six months in jail after being caught taking pictures up women's skirts in a shopping mall, using his mobile phone. The man would likely to be deported after serving his sentence. The man was on vacation to visit some fellow brits living there, and he was planning to find a job there.

According to the Telegraph this sentence "is believed to reflect the tough stance authorities in the Muslim emirate are taking on antisocial behaviour". True! antisocial behaviour should not be tolerated, it has nothing to do with religion, or branding this country as being muslim or jewish and based on the religion of the country there would harder sentence or not. Sick people like this man who walk around and take pictures up women's skirts in shopping malls must be locked out behind bars for years, simply because they should not be let out and poison soeciety with their behaviour. They should learn somethings like manners, social and moral attitude.

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