Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crescent of Ramadan

Now that the holy month of Ramadan is less than two weeks to begin, I thought that news and some internet sites will start the same every year story about the crescent and what is right and what is wrong in following the sign that mark the beginning of the holy month. Every year, the debate is around the same theme: whether we have to believe in mathematics and forget the old method of relying on eye-sighting of the crescent.

I think that many realized that news and interviews debating this issue became for many something un-relevant, even some mentioned that talking about this subject again and again is a sign of how backward Muslims are, by not relying on science in dealing with a simple issue like that, in spite of the fact that most those are considered pillars in physics, philosophy, chemistry, and astrology sciences came from that area and believed in this religion.

The latest heresy about eye-sighting the crescent of Ramadan is when some reported on websites and to government officials about seeing a second moon appearing next to "our" crecsented moon!

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