Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Malls In Dubai

People in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates generally started to feel the heat coming from the increase in goods and services prices in that country. The prices of essential goods like food, drinks became the worrying factors for many immigrants coming from Arab countries - in addition to the already-known rise in rent and properties prices. I read a very interesting article today about plans to build more shopping malls in Dubai to satisfy customer needs. According to the article, Dubai is a shopping paradise, and support the idea of making Dubai has the capacity to have more malls. I might agree with the point that Dubai, the whole country of Arab Emirates needs more indoor activity because of the extremely bleeding-hot weather, especially if the country has a lot of money to support this idea. On other hand, would having more demand on such places would flourish commerce more and more than ever, and that would make prices of goods and services to get lower and more acceptable to the consumer?

Or is it too late?

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sonia said...

woow!! u seem to kno stuff dude!!!

oh btw...i wasn't lookin' for answers...those were points i keep ponderin upon...neva mind!
thanx anyway...