Monday, August 11, 2008

Engel Var

This is my favorite song from the Turkish show, Ihlamurlar Altinda ("Below The Lime Tree"). The song name is "Engel Var" by Turkish singer Dilek Türkan.

P.S. I recommend listening to other work by Dilek Türkan, great and powerful, yet very warm and emotional voice, in addition to the excellent composition of combining all genres to Oriental music.

The lyrics of the song "Engel Var" are:

Kaybolan bir gün gibiyim,~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am just like a day which is lost.
Geçiverdi seneler,~~~~~~~~~~~~ The years passed
Geçiverdi seneler,~~~~~~~~~~~~ The years passed
Seneler,seneler...~~~~~~~~~~~~ years, years...

Bir mum gibi eriyorum, ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am melting like a wax
Bu dünyadan göçüyorum...~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am going from this world

Bir derdim var dermansızdır,~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a problem, there is no remedy
Bir aşkım var ümitsizdir,~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have love, it is hopeless
Bir derdim var dermansızdır,~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a problem, there is no remedy
Bir aşkım var çaresizidir...~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have love, it has no remedy

Seni sevememki,~~~~~~~~~~~~ I can not love you
Seni saramam ki,~~~~~~~~~~~~ I can not hug you
Senin olamam ki,~~~~~~~~~~~~ I can not be yours
Buna engel var..~~~~~~~~~~~~ there is difficulty to this....

Translation to English is from the international forum


Anonymous said...
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April said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Glad you enjoyed my post!
Parenting is something you learn one step at a time.

Take care!

sucks or not, it's mine said...

hey thanks for the comment! I love Engel var! it's really good! I love all of the songs from that show!
but by the way ihlamurlar altinda means: underneath the linden trees!

MixMax said...

Hi april, I thank you for passing by my blog, I enjoyed your post indeed and I agree with you on what you say about parenting.

SONIM, it is my pleasure, most of the songs on this great show are beautiful. Thanks also for the translation :)

Anonymous said...

This series is amaaaaazing as well as it's songs and music , it is the loveliest perfect series i have ever seen !!!!! :))

Sue moussa said...

Thank you for the translation. I am a big fan of this series but I don't understand Turkish.. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also loved the asi series and would love a translation of the songs in that. :)