Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Devil of Heaven and Hell

The waiting is over, two days in a row listening to this album. I already pre-ordered my copy of this album (release 28 April), but I managed to get a copy of it.

I heard the new single "Black Bible" a couple of weeks ago, however since I put the CD in my car the decision to ignore any other music genre was taken.

Anyone want to learn how to make the best heavy metal music, he or she should listen to this album. Anyone want to know how a really heavy metal album sounds like, this album is a living proof, by no other than the masters of the genre. I am not talking about speed or technique, I am not talking about extremely heavy riffs backed up by heavy bass guitar and powerful drumming.

"The Devil You Know" is no disappointment to fans of Iommi, Dio or even Black Sabbath, and for sure it will top my list of one of the best (if not the best) heavy metal album for 2009.

I thought I have mentioned that "the man who would not die" by Blaze Bayley was my favorite heavy metal album of 2008

I would love to hear "Fear", "Double the Pain" and "Breaking into Heaven" live. Other songs do match to the previous, songs like the opener "Atom & Evil" or "The Turn Of The Screw" are also great songs from this album, they are just stunningly powerful that I love to listen to.

Tony Iommi is my all time favorite guitarist, but with this album he proved again that the title "the master of riffs" won't be hand over to another guitarist ever.

"The Devil You Know" Track Listing
01. Atom And Evil (5:15)
02. Fear (4:48)
03. Bible Black (6:29)
04. Double The Pain (5:25)
05. Rock And Roll Angel (6:25)
06. The Turn Of The Screw (5:02)
07. Eating The Cannibals (3:37)
08. Follow The Tears (6:12)
09. Neverwhere (4:35)
10. Breaking Into Heaven (7:03)

Below is a video of the band talking about the making of this album

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