Saturday, April 25, 2009

Response To Joe Lynn Turner

Joe Lynn Turner, known for being the main singer of Rainbow and one year singer of Deep Purple (I call him Ritchie Blackmore's baby boy), said during an interview that Coverdale is Miming in concert. Below is the response of Coverdale:

Response To Joe Lynn Turner’s Interview Remarks About My Supposed ‘Miming In Concert’ ************* I am shocked, very disappointed & surprised by Mr Turners misleading & completely untrue observations he felt it necessary to discuss in a recent interview. Whatever his motives, they are disturbing, to say the least. I do not ‘mime’ in concert. I never have & I never will. I am David Coverdale.

My career spans almost 40 successful years & I have worked with some of the finest
musicians in contemporary music & in all that time I have never ‘pretended’ to sing to tapes when I am performing in front of a paying crowd. I have no idea how anyone who has seen me working live in concert, or is remotely connected to the music business can even suggest such an odious thing.

I have seen the purported video of me supposedly ‘miming’ & all I can say is he & anyone else who believes
this nonsense should look more closely. It is obvious that I am holding the microphone out to the crowd & inviting the audience to participate, as I do during every show, & have done since the beginning of Whitesnake while my background singers keep the songs vocal momentum. It is hugely important to me that the audience feel completely part of the Whitesnake show & participate with me from
the beginning to the end. They are called the ‘Whitesnake Choir’ for that reason. Please know, as most sensible people do, that I am especially blessed in this band with two very powerful singers in guitarist Reb Beach & keyboardist, Timothy Drury & also two very capable background singers in bassist Uriah Duffy & guitarist Doug Aldrich, & when I am working the crowd, these guys hold the songs for me exceptionally well, as most sensible people can see & hear.

There are no vocal backing tapes...Everything you see & hear is being performed live by the musicians & vocalists on stage.

I have no idea why Mr Turner has launched this foolishness, but, I ask that it stop now. It has no merit, serves
no purpose & is a total waste of precious time. No apology is necessary as I have no desire in any way, shape or form to have any communication with him.

He should know better. Next he’ll be accusing me of wearing a wig on stage.

David Coverdale

Lake Tahoe April 2009


The last thing I would expect is to have David Coverdale accused of miming during live performance.

I have seen David Coverdale with Whitesnake on stage last year. I had my remarks on his singing from their last album only, but I am positive 100% when I say that "he still able to crack the floor of the stage beneath his band members with his voice." This is fact, shared with everyone around me, except for those I talked about earlier who didn't have any taste in any of the bands played during that festival.

But that's another story.

Joe Lynn Turner did well, and loved his work with Blackmore on Rainbow, and his work with the great Glenn Hughes, but bashing other legendary musicians like that is nonsense.

It reminds me of an old friend of mine back in 1995 when Ozzy Osbourne's album Ozzmoses came out, he told me the same and that Ozzy has someone behind stage singing while the main singer was just miming!

Joe Lynn Turner should focus on making good music, he is known and admired by many, so the crap by bashing others won't bring fame, as some singers nowadays seek fame in doing so.

Someone miming on stage won't be able to do that... check the video below


Anonymous said...

Forgive my ignorance but i havent even heard of these people. I did however think his response to the attack was very well crafted. I wonder did he actually write it himself or have his secretary do it for him.

MixMax said...

Hi Branwen, I am glad you are doing ok (commenting on my blog :P), but the people I am talking about are mercenaries... no, I am kidding, they are rock stars. Just google whitesnake or deep purple, and you will get to know those people

MixMax said...

and I forgive your ignorance :)