Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ramadan Mabrouk Abu El Alamain Hamouda

I was there, in spite of sickness last week, I couldn't let such an opportunity let go.

This is the first time in the history of this country that an Egyptian movie on premier - not part of a festival like the annual one taking place every year or every two years where different countries participate.

One thing to note that Turkish (I think Indian movies too) have precedence regarding such a move in the Netherlands

The movie is one of Mohamed Heneidy's best movies. It tells the story of a very strict Arabic literature teacher living among careless, hip-hop, pop-style orientated secondary school students.

Anyone would like to enjoy a semi cartoonish characters, which is a typical Heneidy style (check "the great beans of China") type of movie, I recommend it.

At the moment the movies is playing on 4 halls at the pathe Arena and Pathe de Kuip, both in Amsterdam.

Below are the official posters of the movie.


aNarki-13 said...

Hey there!

1. Hineidi looks a bit like Hitler in the poster.

2. Abu Auf will probably pop up in the spaghetti i will just go warm up!


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Queen - Barcelona

I cannot love Freddie Mercury enough. what an amazing performer.

MixMax said...

Hey there :)

yes, he looks like hitler indeed, a funny one, though

Abu Auf's role is very minor in the film - I thought I would not put spoilers here, but you almost don't notice his presence in the movie, in my opinion

As I mentioned in my post, the movie is just fun, to enjoy and to have a lot of laugh at the different characters. As Leslie Nelson put it: there are two types of comedy movies, one is the American and the Italian. The latter is you go to the movie theater to laugh, it doesn't matter what the story is, but you are going there to laugh.

Ramadan Mabrouk is such a type.

Jumana said...

I really do like the movie, its very funny, but i was wondering whats that guys name you know the one that speaks english the son of abu ouf in the movie

Thank you (: x

Jumana said...

I really like the movie, i think its very funny, but i was wondering what that guys name was you know the one that speaks english the son of abo ouf in the movie
Thank you :) x

Jumana said...

Whats the name of the guy the son of abu ouf in the movie that speaks english?