Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Short Insight On Tehran

Maartje Nevejan from Couscous Global came back from Tehran with great footage from a country that many westerners perceive the people there not living or experiencing as the rest of the people on this planet - thanks to the media for that.

The footage they made is an eye opening to many things that usual media circutes do not show

There is more on Couscous Global website on the same topic, Iran, including a number of interviews with Iranians from different aspects of life.

Another insight on Tehran is illustrated by an artist named Arash Manouchehri, who published a number of photos of Tehran on the "I love Tehran" facebook group... Stunning!

Below is an example of such pictures

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Knight of Pan said...

Are you telling me people actually smile and have fun in Iran? Nice to see my fellow humans enjoying themselves!

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