Friday, February 06, 2009

The Sun of the Netherlands

I put my jacket on and went at the entrance of the building to have a smoke, when a colleague of mine joined me. He looked up in the sky and asked: where did the sun go? I gazed back at him. It has been cold, very cold for the whole month - even was snowing a little a couple of days ago. I told him "what are you talking about?" He replied that the sun was shining earlier in the morning. I didn't see the sun he was talking about, I answered back "are you kidding? the sun is like a very quick visitor in the Netherlands, appear for a very short time and then disappear behind that curtain of gray sky for the rest of the day.

I think it is the weekend magic that is getting into that nice colleague of mine! Otherwise, I would recommend him one of two things to do: the first is to see a psychiatrist, and the second is to migrate to another country.


Ali said...

Funny thing to talk about.

Isn't kinda dull to live in a place where you don't get to see the sun!

MixMax said...

You see, summer is very short in the Netherlands. It rains a lot around the year, and it is common to see the gray sky on daily basis.

The guy's comments came in a wrong moment, by saying this and convinced that there is sun shining!

XOXO said...

Yes, that's duuuuull without sun. The most excellent mood of mine is directly proportional to those sunny, serene, hilarious days.

Well, when it comes to your colleague, it may happen. Everyone with his/her own whims. Probably you were in a bad mood and hadn't noticed the rays of sun. That may be an idea, too, Mix Mode.

MixMax said...

Hi XOXO, you might be right, I was not in the mood either, but the way he was talking made me junmp lol