Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can You Give Me A Call?

Hearing the star trek peep I have on my mobile phone gave me the indication that an sms was received. So I picked up my recently-considered-a-very-outdated GSM and after a couple of pressing buttons I see the following message "can you give me a call?"

I looked to the sender, never knew that telephone number, OK, how do you expect me to call if you don't put your name at the end of the message?

Almost the same thing happened last month when I received an sms from someone (he called me later) with his new gsm number without saying who he was.


jiggins said...

Well, doesn't the phone record the number that the message came from. I have never seen a phone that doesn't.. that is odd if you don't have that feature. New to me.

MixMax said...

Yes, the number is there, of course, but it would not be a good idea to call every person sending an sms :)