Friday, February 20, 2009

Can You Read This?

If you are not able to read this, stretch your eyes on each side and try to read the sentence in the picture above. What do you read?


Ali said...

It is really hard to read. In the first place, I thought it is something like: "B(I) RD...EYES". Is that right? but as I opened and maximized it it became not readable.

MixMax said...



Bad Eyes

XOXO said...

Even though I have redness and itching, yep! - I've noticed the expression, MixMax!

Have more of this kind?

jessie63 said...

Yeah,BAD EYES,very interesting blog...thank you

MixMax said...

XOXO welcome back, it has been sometime, I hope you are doing ok :)

I have some more of this kind and will post it soon. This is one of many I received by email from a friend of mine of the same kind.

MixMax said...

Welcome Jessie to my Mix Mode domain. Thanks for your words and I thank you for visit :)