Friday, February 27, 2009

Cigarettes Stubs

She is a short woman in her 50, I think, grim face with glasses, wearing pink plastic gloves and covering her jeans and thick blouse with plastic cover, like rain-coat, holding a small bucket in one hand. She moves with energy that is definitely not equal to her age. What is she doing? Her task was to collect scattered cigarettes stubs from the floor that have been left from previous day at the building entrance. She collect them and put them in the bucket, moves to another spot and do the same quickly. Sometimes she slows down, and suddenly speeds up. She even goes to the little circled gardens bordering the main gateway of the building and looks for cigarette stubs there.

While watching her, I was wondering if smokers from that building be as they are, careless, if they were observing that old woman and the work she is doing? Would they have sympathy for her and trash their finished cigarettes in the designated place and spare that woman effort and time?

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XOXO said...

Wow... Such a sad post. Often most people preocupied with gazillions of thoughts, plans, ideas, do not observe those few simple persons who daily wander around.
It reminds me of one scene from "What women want" with Mel Gibson and a young office girl who worked for him but he didn't even know her name...
And that's really sad.