Friday, February 27, 2009

Nebahat Albayrak For Wilders

What would Geert Wilders say or think when he knew about her being in Brussels, putting the case forward before the EU. I am referring to Nebahat Albayrak, the Dutch Deputy Justice Minister met with EU counterparts yesterday in Belgium (News in Dutch) to protest the decision made by British government on the 12’th of this month to deny entry to United Kingdom? Based on my little knowledge on how an extremist like Wilders would think of the situation, he would say to himself:

  • She is doing her job, fulfilling duties towards the kingdom based on her post in the government
  • She is an exception to other Muslims, maybe because she does not wear the headscarf, so she is an integrated Muslim into Dutch society
  • Maybe he thinks that “She fears me, her party and fears my party; the government fears me, because it is getting more popular than ever, especially after the Heathrow incident.”

This is funny, the last person I would think of is a Muslim and an Immigrant (it doesn’t matter which country he or she from) defending Geert Wilders and helping him in submitting his case (and do the promoter role for his film, Fitna) as part of waging war against his version of Islam and his delusions about how Muslims would look like. Everyone knows that Wilders is against migration of foreigners to the Netherlands, but Albayrak is an immigrant, she was born in Istanbul, Turkey. Wilders is against Islam, but Bebahat Albayrak is coming from a Muslim country. In addition, when Albayrak was appointed at her post, the right wing Party for Freedom, which is the party Wilders established and lead tried to prevent the installation of both her and of her fellow Muslim MP Ahmed Aboutaleb (of Moroccan origin, who is now the mayor of Rotterdam). The party of Freedom also tried to pass a motion of no confidence in parliament then directed against all parliamentarians or executive branch politicians with dual citizenship, claiming these politicians have a loyalty conflict or have the appearance of having one. Nebahat Albayrak has a Turkish and a Dutch passport. The motion was rejected by the Tweede Kamer (the lower house), since no other party than the Party for Freedom supported it.

I don’t believe that it her duty as a minister responsible for the justice of her own people is the only reason that made her convinced to go to Brussel and put the case in front of the EU parliament. She even was debating the essence of that decision by wondering how come Wilders is not considered a threat to public security to Italy while in another EU country, Britain in this case is considered otherwise. By the way, its worth to mention that the Dutch Deputy Justice Minister’s visit to Brussel was part of a meetings to discuss free transport and free movement of people in European community nations.

I guess that the teachings of Willem van Oranje to his citizens and followers about tolerance and accepting the other has gave results after all. It happened before; Fitna was lame after all, though!

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